Australia Parliament passes same sex marriage bill

Australia Parliament passes same sex marriage bill

Australia has become another nation to pass the bill in the favor of same sex marriage, as the Parliament has passed the bill and the first same sex marriage is expected to be held in February of next year. This is a triumphant moment for the LGBT community, as the people of the country had voted in the favor of the marriage equality and now, their wishes have been granted. The decision has been praised, since the previous debates about the topic had been divisive and the suggestions that were made to change the legislature had been accepted hesitantly. But, after the Public voted in overwhelming support of same sex marriage, it was predicted that the Australian Parliament will likely pass the bill, thus officiating the rule. The definition of marriage in the constitution has been changed to a union of two people, which will give people from the LGBTQ community to marry whomever they like, within the parameters of age of consent to the marriage.

After the announcement, the social media has erupted in a joyful celebration of the equality and congratulations to Australia that passed on the landmark decision with the support of the MPs in parliament. The Senate had already passed the bill last week, with 46 votes in the support of the marriage and 12 votes in opposition.

After United States, England and other countries, Australia’s support has also made it clear that the support to the LGBTQ community is overwhelming and the right to marry anyone an adult person like/loves must be accepted by the higher echelons of the Law makers and to the wider world.

However, there is a lot of progress to be made, as there are many countries that don’t allow Homosexual relations to survive in their regions, and it should also give confidnce to them to fight what should be their right.


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