On Thursday morning Pakistani court issued the arrest warrant against the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif under some corruption charges. As per the reports a week earlier, the court accused Nawaz Sharif and his daughter in some corruption charges along with a son in law. And announced a hearing on him for today but he failed to appear in the court. So, the Pakistani Judge has issued the arrest warrant against the Nawaz Sharif. As per the reports, the Pakistani Judge Mohammed Bashir has also rejected a request of the Sharif lawyer.

The request of the Sharif’s lawyer consists that he won’t be able to appear in the court because he is in London where his wife is getting some medical treatment. After this, the court has rejected this request and issued an arrest warrant against him.

As per the reports, former PM Nawaz Sharif was conveyed from the Prime Minister post after he indicted in the corruption case. Sharif was indicted by the court for three cases over corruption charges. And he has skipped the hearings of the court so far, the court issued the arrest warrant against him. Under the Pakistani law, Sharif can be arrested as soon as he returns from abroad unless he granted bail before the next hearing.

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