April Fool’s day: A day of joy and jokes

April Fool’s day: A day of joy and jokes
Written by Abhishek Rana

April Fool’s Day is celebrated on 1st April, and is meant to have fun by sharing practical jokes and pranks with people. Although it originated from the Western countries, creating jokes and harmless hoaxes as become a common practice on the first day of the April month each year. The usual practice on this day is to make a fool of someone by lying to them, or making a joke that the don’t understand. People often trick others by lying to them about serious things, which the person is likely to believe more, and then revealing that they’ve been fooled into thinking that it’s factual.

During this phase of Social Media, there have been many instances where fake news sites are made during the day, through which people release fake news about politicians, celebrities and other impossible occurrences, stating that people can refer to facts if they open the link: however, once they reach to the page, they’re told that this was a joke and they’ve been fooled.

People usually shout “April Fool’s Day”, when they’re sure that someone has been tricked. It is one of the most joyful days of the year, and even though some could be mean spirited in their jokes, like making up things about sensitive subjects and situation, people have become more cautious about being made a fool, so they try not to believe everything that’s told to them unlesss facts are presented. In India, the day is also called Pappu Diwas or Jumla Divas, and people usually make fun of celebrities and politicians by creating humorous fake news about them.

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