Apple buys Shazam, the music recognition app

Apple buys Shazam, the music recognition app
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Apple bought the music recognition app Shazam. As per the reports, the company has does not disclosed the price of the music app acquisition on Monday. However, various media organisations have recorded that the Apple is paying about $400 million for the Shazam App. The app has single aim to identify music that is playing and connect users to a service to download or stream it. The British company of the Shazam app has been started in 2002 that offers phone service to identify music. Shazam app responded with a text message containing the name of the artist and the title of the song.

On Monday, Apple company issued a statement describing Shazam as Natural fit with its services. Also, said that we have exciting plans in the store and looking forward to combining with Shazam. However, some of the features of Shazam app conceivably can blend into Apple music streaming services that have accumulated more than 27 million subscribers since the company as created in 2015. Also, it is unclear whether Shazam will continue to be single app after the acquisition or whether it will get absorbed by the Apple Music., Snap Inc. and Spotify that have the existing partnership with Shazam.

The Apple company launched iTunes in 2001, since it has invested heavily in the fast-changing music business. In 2014, it acquired Beats Music and Beats Electronics for $3 billion. The company has launched its own music and video streaming service which almost took two years to compete with the music companies like Spotify and Pandora. And now the Apple company confirmed the Shazam acquisition which is one of the music recognition app. The Shazam was founded in 2002 which become first apps for the iPhone. There are around 250 employees who are working for Shazam at its London headquarters and other offices in the U.S., Australia and Germany.

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