Apophis asteroid to hit earth by 2036? Truth or a conspiracy theory?

Apophis asteroid to hit earth by 2036? Truth or a conspiracy theory?

A new report from NASA has suddenly surfaced, and it seems that this is something even more serious than the threat of global warming. If some sources are to be believed, an asteroid Apophis will hit earth in April 2036 and bring about the destruction of the planet with the collusion. However, lest people think that this is a confirmed announcement, it is not, but there have been some worry that these reports are verifiable and the exact timings or something related has been calculated by the NASA scientists. The Apophis asteroid was first mentioned some years ago, in 2004, when it was detected to be in the trajectory towards earth, but there hadn’t been any concerns about its collusion to our planet.

If the news is indeed true, then  earth could be looking at something worse than the global ice caps melting and the threat of earthquakes, because it has been predicted that once the asteroid hits the planet, half of the life will die immediately, while the other half will be ravaged by storms, deadly air, infection, mass hunger and illness.

This is very dramatic, and NASA hasn’t made any official statement yet, but if the reports are to be believed and the situation is alarming, they might make it soon.

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