America blocks $255 million military aid to Pakistan after Donald Trump’s tweet

America blocks 5 million military aid to Pakistan after Donald Trump’s tweet
Written by Pallavi Parmar

American President Donald Trump slammed Pakistan on this New year with a tweet. A blistering attack over Pakistan, Trump accused that the state is sponsoring terrorism, lies and deceit. Thus, the American government has blocked $255 million military aid to Pakistan from today. In the Tweet against Pakistan, the American President Donald Trump said America has given 33 billion dollars in aid to Pakistan over last 15 years. And in response to that America has just got lies and deceit. In the tweet, Trump has also added that Pakistan has provided safety to terrorists. Now, the United States will not spend the USD 255 million in FY plan 2016 in Foreign Military Financing for Pakistan.

In the reference to Trump’s tweet, the American government has blocked the fundings, donations and economic help to Pakistan. After 15 years, now the U.S. has finally realised the lies of Pakistan. And it has begun it’s 2018 year with a bang on Pakistan by stopping their economical aids and fundings. After India, now the US has also come to know that Pakistan is the root of terrorism across the world. Thus, after the inquiry, the American government has blocked all the economic help to Pakistan. The New Year Eve 2018 has come with a major setback to the Pakistani government.

As per the reports, the Trump administration was considering withholding $255 million of FYP 2016 in aid to Pakistan after it has refused the US access to captured militant from the Taliban-linked Haqqani network. And in the response to Donald Trump’s tweet against Pakistan the foreign minister of Pakistan tweeted that we will respond to him shortly and will let the world know the truth and facts. As per the reports, the Trump’s tweet comes after several warnings by US officials and the administration’s of new South Asia policy which was unveiled in August when the Trump has first launched a broadside against Pakistan.

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