Earthquake in Indonesia: More than 400 died as Earthquake and Tsunami hits

Earthquake in Indonesia: More than 400 died as Earthquake and Tsunami hits

Due to the tremendous earthquake and tsunami which hits the Sulawesi island of Indonesia on Friday, at least 400 people have died and more than 100 people have been injured. After a magnitude of 7.5 earthquakes hits Indonesia on Friday, dozens of homes were transformed into debris. The biggest impact of the tsunami was seen in the city of Palu, where the waves rose up to 2 meters in the sea. A spokeswoman of Geophysics Department of Indonesia told on Friday that the Rictor Scale has a news of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. However, the department later withdrew the warning of Tsunami. At the same time, a local news channel says that due to the tsunami in Palu city, six feet high waves have emerged in the sea. There are reports that many buildings have collapsed.

After the devastating of buildings, the residents forced their home to and stand outside on the road. An earthquake of disaster agency and tsunami division chief Rehmat Troiano said, “There is a tsunami in Palu.” About 3,50,000 people live in this city, which is located about 80 kilometers from the center of the earthquake. An official feared a large scale loss and urged people to stay out of the house due to the threat of sharp shocks after the earthquake. The American Geological Survey said that the intensity of the earthquake was 7.5 and its center was in the depths of ten kilometers in the Northeast of Dongla town of Central Sulawesi. This led to the Tsunami warning initially issued for a while.

Local Disaster Agency official Akirs said that many houses have been collapsed. He said, “It happened when we were already having difficulty in collecting data from the 9 earthquakes affected villages.” In a video released by the National Disaster Management Agency, women and children can be seen crying loudly. Disaster Agency spokesman Sutopo Purbo Nugroho said that there is a problem getting in touch with the areas. In a statement, he told a lot of damage in the Dongla area where around 3,00,000 people live.

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