10 Taliban militants killed in air-strikes in Afghanistan

Ten Taliban militants were targeted and killed including causing injury to seven other in airstrikes in Afghanistan’s Faryab province, police said on Monday. Strike was spear headed by Afghan security forces in Ghormach and Khawja Sabzposh districts on Sunday night, a senior police officer told Xinhua news agency.

No civilian casualty or injuries were reported due to the air strike. Reportedely Two militant bunkers also got destroyed in the aforesaid air strike. Afghanistan has been a victim of terrorism for over 2 decades, which started with the rise of taliban. Afghanistan for long has ruing that Pakistan is the instigator, supplier and creator of terrorism in the region, hindering peace in the region.

Taliban, is a militant organization, which names itself as ‘Islamic emirate of Afganistan’, has been committing Kidnappings, Radical Killings, IED Blasts, Honour killings and other various Human Right violation , creating instability in the region. Afghanistan has accussed in multiple instances, ‘Pakistan’, being the main culprit for sponsoring and smuggling terrorism across the border. Incidentally, Rogue and most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden was given a safe hideout in Pakistan region and speculation were rife about ‘Pakistan government and military’ being involved in hiding him from the world. Afghanistan has been fighting actively against terrorism spread by Taliban radicals, which have crept deep inside rural areas.

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