Google’s video platform and Gmail goes Down with 502 Server Error

Google’s video platform and Gmail goes Down with 502 Server Error
Written by Karu Cheema

Google service including Youtube and Gmail went down for few minutes. Including Youtube video login account and Gmail account login went down for few minutes with 502 Server Error affecting millions of users. Many people browsing the online video platform on browser reported 502 error. Analysis shows the error was associated with website and downtime was around for 60 – 120 seconds on some networks. It seems Youtube went design make over and failure was due to transition.

Gmail was also reported being down by majority of users. Youtube was created by 3 paypal employees which was later bought by Google company. Youtube later became an Internet sensation catering million of users. Youtube earns majority of revenue from Adsense , an advertisement platform which is bread and better for the Google company.

Earlier downtime of several minutes was reported in Europe and Australian sub continent with various Google services including Youtube and Gmail being affected.

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