Whatsapp Web now with share status feature for Desktops

Whatsapp Web now with share status feature for Desktops
Written by Ria Maheshwari

With the success of WhatsApp status feature for Android and iOS, the application has now come up with new feature update and that is quite cool for the people who use WhatsApp Web. The new status feature WhatsApp now supports WhatsApp Web and Desktop. The feature which was taken from the Snapchat application is going successfully in the wide world.

If you haven’t seen the latest version of the of the application, WhatsApp on your smartphones, then you must check it, as it allows the users to see the status or picture which is sent from the other user on your desktops or laptops.  Anything upload videos, photos, and Gifs, it opens your webcam to do the things.

The latest update of the version number 0.2.5854, allows the user to see the WhatsApp story or status or picture on your desktops. Easily tapping on the WhatsApp for Web will help you go further. You will be directly taken to the different pages with the black background, in order to see or watch, the latest upload of your contacts. Nothing expect the WhatsApp web on the desktop has been updated. Anything you upload, whether be a picture or video, it will be on your story for only 24 hours, and then it will be automatically disappeared. The company has been getting a lot of appreciation for the WhatsApp Status feature, as over more than 250 million uses this feature in overall user base.

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