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WhatsApp to extend duration of feature of Delete for everyone to one hour

WhatsApp to extend duration of feature of Delete for everyone to one hour
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

People usually make silly mistakes as while typing, people usually type wrong and sometimes even send the wrong text to wrong people. People also send wrong messages in group and then has to feel embarrassment for the same. We can delete the wrong messages within seven minutes as after this the messages cannot be deleted. WhatsApp has not extended this seven minutes timeline to one hour. People who had sent wrong messages can now delete message even after one hour. The group chats will now have this facility. This will be beneficial as people will be relieved from embarrassment.

WhatsApp has introduced the delete for everyone feature in last November. This has benefited the users till date. This feature is available for both android as well as iOS. This update has been introduced as many users had complaint that the message was available from the notification log. WhatsApp has taken the feature of Delete for everyone to a new level. This feature has been extended to 68 minutes, more than even one hour. Over more than one billion people has used this feature and are happy from this feature as it protects them from being getting embarrassed. Initially if the seven minutes had passed users cannot access to delete the message.

For using this feature both the sender as well as the recipient must use the updated version of WhatsApp. Users must check that their WhatsApp is updated as to avail this feature. This feature is very beneficial as people who commit silly mistakes can avail to this feature. This will benefit both the android users as well as iOS users. Apart from increasing the time span, the company is now working on updating the stickers feature. Users must update the messaging app from the google play store as the latest update is available.

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