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Whatsapp Beta version rolls out group video calling feature

Whatsapp Beta version rolls out group video calling feature

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has now come up with a new update. As per this new update, a user will now be able to do group video calling. However, this is currently only available for Beta users. In the coming time, it will be available to all types of users of Android and iOS. To make a group call, it is necessary to have a beta user. During this testing, One should add 4 users because the icon connecting more users at the top right is not working after adding 4 users. Apart from this, WhatsApp recently introduced new features for both Android and iOS users. The name of this new feature is Predicted Upload. Through this, users will be able to quickly upload and send the image to their contacts list. Whatsapp also comes with a feature that can differentiate between messages forwarded to users and actually typed messages

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can make a voice or a video call.

  • Make a video or an audio call to a single participant, and then click on ‘Add Participant’ at the top right corner.
  • This will take you to your contact list and then you can select your participants who you want on the group call.
  • Upon adding the participant to the group video call, all the participants, the new one and those that are already on call will be notified by WhatsApp.

Last month two new features were also launched. One of these was Media visibility and the second was contact shortcut. Through the Media Visibility feature, the user can take a decision to watch or not to share the media. Users can create new contacts immediately through the contact shortcut feature.

Whatsapp Beta Tracker posted a tweet with many screenshots of this update. WabetInfo believes that the group and video calls have also been released for the Windows Phone. About this feature, it has been said that some people have got it and some people will get this update soon. At the same time, WhatsApp is the only such messaging app, in which major features of the upgrade are continuously coming. The group calling feature inWhatsAppp was priorly announced in the F8 Developer Conference in May this year.

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