Sarahah App : Anonymous messaging smartphone app trends on social media

Sarahah App : Anonymous messaging smartphone app trends on social media

Anonymous messaging App Sarahah has become an instant hit among smartphone users. It allows users to post messages anonymously without even logging in. Users can download the app from Google Play store or iOS Store and install it to post messages on another wall anonymously. Some users have reported abuse because of anonymous nature of the message and it is impossible to determine the source.

Sarahah App is marketed as Honest App, where users without embarrassment  can reveal their secrets, vent their anger, convey their feelings and do lot, which might be genuine. But their is a dark side too it also. Someone can post something very nasty, can abuse you, dictate terms by blackmailing, can threaten you and do a lot more. Simply put this app is not for the kids or simply who is vulnerable.

Sarahah App has a 3 star rating on  Google Play store, with 36,191 users vote count. App owner has put it in safe category for children above 12 years of age. Abuse looks almost imminent and 12+ years regulation is still not adequate. Sarhah App has over 1 million Download and Install , which has made it a hit. Sarcastic Criticism was at play on twitter , with many using their witty one liners to voice their concerns.

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