Mozilla Firefox Launch a New Browser “Firefox quantum”

Mozilla Firefox Launch a New Browser “Firefox quantum”

The Mozilla Firefox launched its new browser firefox quantum or Firefox 57 with big updates. Firefox Quantum is a brand new, superfast version of Firefox that completely overhauls the original browser. The creators of Firefox 57 described new browser and said, “It’s by far the biggest update we’ve had since we launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004”. The entire Mozilla London office wears fox onesies for the launch of Firefox Quantum. Mozilla claims about the updated Firefox 57, makes the browser two times faster than the earlier versions. The quantum project relies on a Servo, which is new browser engine.

Google Chrome is the king in the browsers war but the Mozilla Firefox also has dazzling users. By this change in the browser Mozilla has introduced the biggest ever update which is available for download on Windows, macOS and Linux-based computing devices as well as on iOS and Android smartphones.

Ben Francis introduces the new Quantum project on twitter and tweets, “With Firefox Quantum, Firefox has finally got its mojo back! If you haven’t tried Firefox for while then now is the time. It’s twice as fast, uses less memory and has a clean and responsive new UI.”

The Mozilla Quantum comes with a new CSS engine known as Quantum CSS or Stylo. Quantum CSS is only a part of Servo, but it is also a key to the speed of the browser. Mozilla has also made changes and also improve the design of the browser. The Mozilla Quantum now looks and runs better on higher spec or greater pixel density, monitors.

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