Airtel Karbon A40 4G smartphone effectively priced at Rs 1399, new Jio Phone rival

Airtel Karbon A40 4G smartphone effectively priced at Rs 1399, new Jio Phone rival
Written by Karu Cheema

In an initiative to enhance competitive edge over Relinace Jio product, Airtel launched Rs 1399 Karbon A40 smartphone phone model countering Jio Phone, whose cost is Rs 1500. Feature wise Airtel seems to be in advantage considering the handset being a proper smart phone, whereas Jio Phone is a featured smart phone. If we will look into economy of plans, Jio Phone is the clear winner.

Airtel Karbon a40 Plan vs Jio Phone offer

Airtel Karbon a40 phone can be bought only after a down payment of Rs 2,899. You must be thinking how come Airtel is marketing as a Rs 1399 smartphone ? . Airtel gives you an assured cashback of Rs 1500 rupees after 36 months if every month minimum recharges of Rs 169 were done in that duration. Rs 1399 is the effective price and not the actual price which is being marketed.

Plan wise, Jio Phone clearly emerges a winner with an effective Rs 0 price , with a cashback of Rs 1500 after 36 months.

Airtel Karbon a40 Specification and Features

Being a smart phone Karbon a40 is quite basic, powered by a single core 1.3 Ghz processor and 1 GB RAM. It runs Android Nougat as the operating system with access to Google Play enabling users to browse million of applications. 8GB internal storage space along with a provision to extend 32 GB space using external memory card. Karbon a40 is 4G enabled and airtel is turning no stones unturned to brand it as 4G smart phone. Display is 4-inch and touchscreen enabled. Karbon a40 can connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

It can be termed as a fully loaded featured phone required for basic usage including watching movies but heavy applications and high resolution video playing might disappoint you. Feature wise Airtel Karbon a40 seems to have an edge over Jio Phone.

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