iPhone 8 iPhone X launch date, Specifications and price in India

iPhone 8 iPhone X launch date, Specifications and price in India

Apple iphone latest products wannabes and freaks are eagerly waiting in India for iPhone 8 launch scheduled for September 12th date in California at the Cupertino Apple campus. If reports are to be believed mentioned in iCulture, a digital publisher on Internet, new iPhone edition will be called iPhone X to mark the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone series. Earlier Apple company was planning for an On-Screen Touch ID sensor but later the plan got shelved due to speculated production issues.

New iPhone edition phone can be expected to be Bezel Less, with no borders and with a super amoled high resolution retina display. In recent times to make the event a grand affair, Apple always comes up with multiple products launch. With the edition launch, two other models with ‘Bezel’ can be expected.

iPhone 8 / iPhone X  Specification Expectations

Prior to every iPhone edition launch rumors factory gets riled up with specification including expectation and prediction. iPhone 7 had to let go 3.5mm audio jack to make it more thin which infuriated many users who did not notice it while purchasing it. It was replaced by a Apple connector used in any Apple products. 3.5 mm connector might be expected but we don’t predict it included in any upcoming model.

Siri the Voice recognition Artificial Intelligence software needs terrible improvement over the likes of Google Cortana. Siri works good but is nowhere stand close to precise accuracy and definitely needs improvement. Apple is known to improvise a lot with every edition and new set of hardware, including voice sensors and noise filters, can be predicted to help Siri upgrade itself.

Limitation of space for fingerprint sensor is a limitation, not only on iPhone but almost every fingerprint enabled phone. Reports came of Apple company working on integrating Touch-ID sensor on whole display. But later another set of reports came into picture of Apple shelving the plan due to production issue.

Long range Wireless charging on iPhone 8 or iPhone X is expected and videos on internet have become a buzz predicting next launch will have wireless charging feature with a good range. I believe wireless charging feature would be included but a long distance one is a big NO.

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