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Facebook to test downvote feature for some users

Facebook to test downvote feature for some users
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Facebook is testing a downvote button with certain segment of users. This will let the users express a negative reaction about the comments, but it is not like the dislike button which was desired by majority of users. Facebook confirmed the testing of this feature only for some of the English speaking users. This will be the biggest overhauls in the social media for long. The users have been demanding the dislike button for long. Facebook by doing this is bringing us near to the dislike button which many users have already demanded. Few users observed this feature next to the Like and Reply in the comment section.

When a user choose to downvote a comment, a series of reason will appear from which the user has to choose the valid reason. This feature is similar to the feature which is available on the Reddit. In it, there is a feature which shows the upvote and the downvote button. Facebook has been taking different update schemes. Facebook has not updated this feature yet but for some users it was updated so that the benefits were considered. Once it is updated, the users will be able to hide their comment from the Public post and even will be able to mark it as “offensive”, “Misleading” or “off-topic”.

As it is just a testing process, it will not affect any page or post. This feature will have a very efficient role as it will make the fake and the unwanted comment to be just hidden from the post. A dislike button has been rejected as it will bring more negativity to the users of facebook. This feature has been on the top of the wish list of the regular users of Facebook. This will make the negative comment to be removed for a certain post. This feature has not been updated yet.

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