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Facebook announces new features to clear your history and Online Dating

Facebook announces new features to clear your history and Online Dating

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who was facing some issues related to data breach says the company is presently working on a feature that allows all the users to clear their browsing history from the relevant site and prevent it from keeping tabs on link clicks going forward. Zuckerberg warned that the service wouldn’t be quite as good if users take this step, as it has to relearn their history. He added the goal is to give more power into its users’ hands to determine what they want to share and what they don’t. Zuckerberg made this announcement at Facebook’s annual f8 developer conference, in which he acknowledged that 2018 had been an “intense year” just four months in.

Facebook is also going to launch a dating feature like as Tinder. Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference Tuesday that the new tool is “not just for hookups”, but it will launch to build “meaningful, and long-term relationships.” The feature will be opt-in, meaning you have to choose to use it. Zuckerberg also cleared that the feature was built with security and privacy in mind from the start. The facebook dating feature will not suggest users’ friends to date. This is already what other dating apps that rely on Facebook data do, such as Tinder.

At Facebook’s f8 gathering of tech folks, During Speaking in San Jose, California startups and others, Zuckerberg said to cheers that the company is re-opening app reviews, the process that gets new and updated apps on its services. He also reiterated that Facebook is investing a lot in security and in strengthening its systems so they can’t be exploited to meddle with elections. But unlike other recent public appearances, he did not start off with an apology for the company’s recent privacy scandal. Mark Zuckerberg has a fresh opportunity to apologise for Facebook’s privacy scandal – and to sketch out Facebook’s future.

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