AUTO EXPO 2018: Catch HONDA EV Concept Electric Sport Car due in 2019

AUTO EXPO 2018: Catch HONDA EV Concept Electric Sport Car due in 2019

Honda is all set to take a charge on electric sports car  with its showcased Honda EV Concept, a two-seater sportscar  at the Auto Expo 2018. Honda EV Concept is dedicated to Eco technology, featuring the future concept in automobiles. Honda has proved that electric car will not be end for lager car size or striking look in automobiles. Takahiro Hachigo the CEO of Honda Motor shared the EV platform is designed with the Urban EV Concept which will be total boom to hybrid cars in future.  In terms of design this car is given theme of retro and sporty mix with round LED headlamps and square tail lights. The coupe dent on its hood and sloping roof looks breath taking and quite stylish. It’s design will surly remind you of Honda’s oldest cars S600 and S800 coupes from their vintage collection.

Honda has not released any details whatsoever about the Sports EV Concept, neither has it confirmed any production plans yet but it is likely to be seen on roads in 2019. Speaking of tech specification this car is expected to have artificial intelligence that will be more intuitive with its control and commands. There will different models with hybrid technology including the combinations for short drive range and long drive range.

The Honda EV Concept is designed with absolute comforting features with powerful hybrid engine for longer drive experience. Honda EV Concept or other Honda hybrid car will be higher in price than other standard car models. Although the GST benefit from hybrid car have been removed for now.  Electronic cars need to yet prove it’s durability according to Indian automobiles market standards.

Have a look at  Honda EV showcased at Auto Expo 2018



Let’s see how this new strategy works for Honda motors with battery charging issues, which may be difficult in terms with EV Platforms in Indian market. The Indian road map is yet to be approved from the Government for HYBRID cars strategy. Enjoy the vision of innovative mobility future with all new Honda Ev.






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