Yuvraj Singh praised by Murli Vijay

Yuvraj Singh praised by Murli Vijay
Written by Abhishek Rana

Murli Vijay has praised Yuvraj Singh, ahead of India’s match with Sri Lanka. In an interview given to a major publication, the cricketer said that he has long admired the senior cricketer. He was 22 years old when he began to play cricket and always liked the technique and the way that Yuvraj batted. Murli also commented that Yuvi was one of his favorites. He also pointed out that he admires the five batting line up that the team currently has, because they have different characteristics and styles; are also very efficient in their games. “I also like AB de Villiers the way he approaches the game. Quinton de Kock and obviously, Hashim Amla,” he commented further.

As its been previously reported that Yuvi has failed to pass the test of eligiblity, Yo-Yo,  that would approve him of getting back in the team, and has been disappointed as such. The test is made for the team players, to check if they’re indeed physically fit to play the game for long hours, and Yuvraj Singh, along other few team members was unable to pass it in two tries.

This is indeed a disappointing news, but he has made the resolution of returning back to the game, and we have full confidence that he will.

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