WWE Battleground 2017: Khali helped Jinder Mahal to retain WWE Championship

WWE Battleground 2017: Khali helped Jinder Mahal to retain WWE Championship

The WWE Battleground 2017 witnesses a good amount of excitement and action on Sunday as The Great Khali made a shocking comeback, Jinder Mahal retained his WWE Championship title as he overstays Randy Orton in a fight inside the Punjabi Prison and John Cena defeated his long time rival in his Flag Match against Ruev.

The former Heavy Weight champion Khali helped Mahal when the Orton and Mahal were racing to the end and Orton had already begun his exit. When Orton almost reached to the top of the prison, Khali shook the entire structure with his hands causing Orton to nearly fall from the top, then the giant Indian strangled Randy Orton and didn’t let him go out of the prison until his fellow India did the work needed to do. Mahal said in an exclusive interview to WWE that “Maharaja made a promise that he will be walking out of the prison with the WWE championship, he further added that it was his jump and his rules. Khali also responded to him by saying that he always behind him.

While John Cena will now face a seven-times SummerSlam champion after defeating his longtime rival Rusev in a Flag Match as the chances of him facing an opponent from Raw roster has been eliminated because the top Raw superstars Roman Reigns, Braun Stroman, Brock Lancer and Samoa Joe are all locked in a Fatal 4-Way. The Battleground has got 2.548 million viewers this week which is most since June 27. In another match, Sami Zayn defeated Mike Kanellis as Mike Kanellis suffered his first loss.

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