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Wrestlemania 34: Brock Lesner is still WWE Champion, Roman Reigns lost worst event ever

Wrestlemania 34: Brock Lesner is still WWE Champion, Roman Reigns lost worst event ever
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The Beast aka Brock Lesnar retained the Universal Championship in a concrete and raw encounter with Roman Reigns. The WWE chose to hand its biggest names the headline spot on the card, instead of fan loves AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura — and attempt to win the crowd over with pure destruction. Lesnar tossed Reigns for three consecutive suplexes before his opponent turned the tide with two Superman punches. The action lost outside the ring where Lesnar delivered three back-to-back suplexes — the third straight on to the commentator’s table. Lesnar dominated the match for a long period before he was introduced to the commentator’s table courtesy of a Reigns spear.

It turned the flow and Reigns followed up with another Superman punch and two spears, but still, Lesnar kicked out back, and Reigns failed to nail it. The challenger lined up for another spear, but Lesnar countered with a knee to the face. An F5 followed, but Reigns survived, and a second F5. And a third. And a fourth through the commentator’s table.

Lesnar went back to the suplex, but that, and a fifth F5 didn’t work either. He climbed Reigns and delivered a series of elbows to his head which left him bleeding badly. The blood sparked Reigns, and he fought back with two spears. But Lesnar countered with an F5, and it was finally enough. What retaining the belt means for Lesnar’s future remains to be seen. UFC president Dana White said the former heavyweight champion had declared his desire to return to the Octagon. But he still has to re-enter the drug-testing pool after being caught using banned substances the last time he fought.

After the match, Lesnar’s music hits as he goes out of the ring and joins Heyman at ringside. Lesnar puts the title on his shoulder and looks back at Reigns in the ring. Lesnar and Heyman walk up the ramp as some fans look on surprised.

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