Wrestlemania 2018: She almost break my arm, says Stephanie McMahon

Wrestlemania 2018: She almost break my arm, says Stephanie McMahon
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey moved up the task of taking win over  The Authority (Stephanie McMahon and Triple H) inside the squared ring at Wrestlemania 2018. She was Paired up with Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. The former MMA fighter Ronda went on to pick up a massive victory in her debut match in WWE WrestleMania. Ronda, who entered the ring dressed looked absolutely dominant as she tried to battle on against the power couple of Triple H and Stepanie McMahon who were making their own rules inside the ring.

Stephanie McMahon continued to deliver a crack shot to Ronda and Angle, taking advantage of a distraught referee, which increased Rousey’s frustration. But to Stephanie dismay’s Ronda was touched in by Angle, and she took her down as soon as she entered.

Ronda tried to lock Stephanie into an armbar lock, but the RAW Commissioner held off the lock and then poked her in the eye to take advantage. Ronda found a way to get back and downed her opponent with a GTS. But just as she go for a pinfall, Triple H prevented and pulled out the referee and then Ronda herself out of the ring.

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The match finally became a thrilling contest when Ronda decided to play the game as she landed a series of rights and lefts to the WWE Chief Operating Officer (COO). She tried to pick her up for a GTS, but Triple H was saved by his wife. Later, Triple H tried to finish off Ronda with a pedigree, but Kurt Angle came and rescue her.

In the last minutes of the match, both Stephanie and Triple H tried to give pedigree to Angle and Rousey, respectively. But they both countered the move and Angle pushed Triple H out of the ring, leaving Ronda along with Stephanie. Seeing the opportunity, the former Octagon star locked an armbar into Stephanie and almost twisted her arm, just as the Raw Commissioner tapped out.

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