Will DRS and Player changing policy be helpful for franchise?

Will DRS and Player changing policy be helpful for franchise?

The biggest festival of cricket Indian Premier League is starting Saturday in India (today). IPL happens every year, but this time the case is different. Teams such as Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Superkings (CSK) have been back in the league two years later, leaving behind controversy of spot-fixing. The seven captains of eight teams are Indian. In IPL 11 there are total 8 teams who will show their game on the ground to lift the IPL trophy. There will be a total 60 matches will be played in the tournament. This time the IPL season will be different from all the previous versions in many ways. Many changes will be seen in IPL 2018 compared to the previous season. So let’s talk about them.

The Decision review system(DRS) was never used in the previous 10 versions of the IPL, but this season the audience will get to see DRS for the first time in this tournament. All teams will get one review each in one inning.

Player Changing Policy-

After the 25th match of IPL 11, players can be transferred to other teams. However, these rules are not applicable over for Indian capped players. Due to this rule, foreign and uncapped players can be transferred to other teams after the 25th match. The consent of both the teams will be necessary for the players to go to the other team. However, only foreign players can be transferred, who have played 2 or fewer matches in the league.

Jersey Effect-

In the previous season, you have only seen the Royal Challengers Bangalore team in two separate jerseys. RCB’s team plays one or two matches in green jersey all season, but this time you will see all the teams playing in two jerseys. Yes, this time in IPL every team will have two or two jerseys. Teams will be seen in different jerseys in the home match and in the other match, the team will wear another jersey. So far it was only seen in football.

The last seasons of IPL you could see on only one channel, but this time you will be able to enjoy IPL Fan Match on DD Sports too. DD will open the Sports Opening Ceremonies, the first match, the Sunday match and the final match. However, these matches will be shown with an hour delay.


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