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Usman Khawaja speaks about racial sledging in Australian society during his childhood

Usman Khawaja speaks about racial sledging in Australian society during his childhood

Usman Khawaja test batsman Australia opens up about his struggle with racial sledging in Australian society. The Australian cricketer revealed about racism period he has gone through during his childhood after his family got migrated in Sydney Australia. He shared about his childhood racial abuse on his social media account. He spoke in an interview with playersvoice, that he was Bully and was called with names like F—ing curry muncher by opposition while he was trying to find his feet in cricket. At times the other sub continental parents had remarked over his skin colour stating ‘You will never make it, as you’re not the right skin colour’.

Usman Khawaja gave credited to his family and their support to over come his struggles during his breaking times. He also shared lot of aspiring players had gone through the racial abuse during their journey and lot of politics played a large role during the selection time in the past.

Usman Khawaja is first Muslim to play test cricket for Australia in 2011 and scored 1,728 runs in his 24 tests at an average of 45.47. He will be playing for upcoming series against England soon. Usman Khawaja also expressed that now the aspect of Australian society is much changed and players from other parts of the world are accepted. He said, he is glad that people can embrace the changes in our society and help everyone to grow without being bully.

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