Tai Tzu Ying beats PV Sindhu in Hong Kong Super Series final

Tai Tzu Ying beats PV Sindhu in Hong Kong Super Series final

PV Sindhu lost to Tai Tzu Ying in the Hong Kong Super Series final, and had to settle with a silver medal, which is itself an accomplishment for the you sportswoman.  PV sindhu lost the final game 18-21, 18-21 against Chinese Taipei, and it was apparent that it just wasn’t her day, as Ying put on an exceptional show of gamesmanship. Still, Sindhu didn’t accept defeat until the very end, and was dedicated to do her best, even though Ying had her on backfoot from the very beginning. But, in the first game, Sindhu fought hard and slowly made her momentum, almost closing in on Ying, but was then lost from 21-18.

Ying, to her credit, put on a great performance, with shooting the shuttle to 352 kmph at the start of the first game, gaining lead on Sindhu instantly, as she kept missing or lagging behind. Ying was reliant on her smashes for the second game, and Sindhu was able to score some points based on cleverly letting Ying to change her position and making it hard for her to retaliate.

She did gain a lead on Ying, but it was short lived, and even after giving a very good defense, she was unable to take back the game. It is still a proud moment for Sindhu, as coming second isn’t a very easy thing to do, and she should be appreciated for her efforts and lauded for her accomplishments.


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