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Supreme Court denied One State, One Vote Policy in BCCI Case

Supreme Court denied One State, One Vote Policy in BCCI Case

The Supreme Court on Thursday approved the draft constitution of BCCI with some modifications and gave full membership to Mumbai Cricket Association, Vidarbha, and Railways. The apex court also discarded the ‘One State One Vote’ policy recommended by the Lodha Panel Committee and granted full membership to Saurashtra, Vidarbha, Vadodara, and Mumbai cricket associations. The Supreme Court’s three-judge bench granted four weeks time to register the new modified constitution of BCCI in its order. The SC asked Registrar of Societies, Tamil Nadu, to take on record in four weeks the approved constitution of the BCCI. It also asked state cricket associations to choose the BCCI constitution within 30 days. With this news, The SC also warned state cricket associations that non-compliance would invite action.

Accepted Draft Constitution

The Supreme court also accepted the draft constitution with some changes in the cooling-off period. As per the amendments or changes, the cooling-off period for BCCI office bearers will be in place after two consecutive terms.

BCCI Case in Supreme Court

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