Sri Lankan cricket team resort to wearing masks again during match

Sri Lankan cricket team resort to wearing masks again during match

Sri Lankan seems to be struggling from the Delhi smog and pollution a lot, as some of the team members have again put on specialized protective masks during their turn on the field today. The test match that is being held at the Firoza Shah Kotla, Delhi and is amid its final innings, has again become a scene of amusement and irritation for people as the Sri Lankan team members took the pitch while wearing masks. On Sunday, the match had to be halted three times because the Sri Lankan team decided to put on masks because they were having difficulties while playing due to the smog or air pollution.

Their actions were interpreted in a lot of ways by people in media and the cricket fans, who speculated the reason, claiming that it was only a ploy from the team because it had been losing the game. Another reason given was that why hadn’t the Sri Lankan players not put on masks during their batting period. Others had blamed the weather conditions in the state for their actions.

BCCI Acting Secretary Amitabh Chaudhary has said that they will be considering schedules of the matches during the time when there’s less pollution in the Capital.

Mamata Banerjee has also responded to the controversy, telling the reporters yesterday that it was shameful for India as a country to have players from another nation wear masks while they’re playing a match, She claimed that her comments were devoid of any political sentiments.

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