SRH v/s DD Highlights and Full update IPL 10 2017 40th match : Corey Anderson Heroics Take Delhi Daredevils Home

SRH v/s DD Highlights and Full update IPL 10 2017 40th match : Corey Anderson Heroics Take Delhi Daredevils Home
Delhi Daredevils have won the match, much to the surprise of pundits and spectators alike. Set a massive target of 186 after a powerful knock by Yuvraj Singh (70 off 41 balls) set Hyderabad on course to a big score, the DD batsmen were not expected to do well, especially after they folded for a two digit score in their last match against the Kings XI Punjab. However, useful knocks by all top order batsmen, including 34 off 20 by Rishabh Pant and 41 not out off 24 by Corey Anderson helped the Delhi side reach the target with 5 balls to spare. Delhi have shown glimpses of what a formidable side they could have been were it not for the woeful batting performances it suffered through the season, and they will be hoping to hit a home run in their last four matches at the Kotla. Sunrisers Hyderabad will be disappointed today, and will hope to reach the magic number of 16 in their coming matches to qualify for the playoffs.
DD : 189/4, 19.1 overs; Delhi Daredevils win by 6 wickets
Henriques to Corey Anderson, FOUR, to long off, and it is victory for Delhi. Much needed, we must say.
11 runs off the over, only 1 run needed in 6 balls. Henriques back into the attack.

S Kaul to Chris Morris, SIX, at the outset this one did not seem to have come off the middle. But he had timed it well. Has that power to clear the fence. Finally a maximum after three singles. Just two runs required off 7 balls now. Delhi Daredevils have pulled it off!

S Kaul will bowl the 19th over.

12 runs off this over, only 12 needed off the last two overs. Nice symmetry to it!

Bhuvneshwar to Corey Anderson, SIX, if not for the stands this would have travelled more. Might have got the metro from Pragati Maidan. Fuller length and Corey Anderson cleared his front leg, cracked it hard and hit flat over the long-on fence.Corey is on 34 off 20 balls.

Bhuvneshwar to Corey Anderson, FOUR, it is a yorker, almost fells Corey Anderson down. Cannot get his bat down in time but manages to put some willow on it. That is enough to deflect this to the fine leg fence

DD : 162/4, 17.0 overs; 24 needed in 18 balls

14 off the over. DD need just 24 off 18 balls. Bhuvneshwar to bowl the 18th over.

Siraj to Chris Morris, FOUR, placed! Well placed! This is what Delhi were lacking. It is a short ball and Chris Morris rolls his wrists on the pull to bisect the fielders converging from deep backward square leg and deep mid-wicket

Siraj to Corey Anderson, SIX, bye bye ball. Slips on the legs of Corey Anderson. Was a slower ball and Corey Anderson whipped it from there, skies it high but gets the distance as well. Manages to clear Dhawan at deep square leg

Siraj to bowl the 17th over.

Bhuvneshwar to Shreyas Iyer, out Caught by Siraj!! Slower ball on off, on the shorter side as well. Shreyas Iyer has already given himself some room. That’s like committing without knowing what is in store. Cannot retreat, it is late for him. Tries to ramp but there is no pace or the bounce to ease things for him. Ends up guiding it into the hands of Siraj. Shreyas Iyer c Siraj b Bhuvneshwar 33(25). Just six runs off the over, excellent comeback by Hyderabad bowlers.  Chris Morris comes to the crease.

Five singles off the over, and a dot. This is an excellent 15th over, just 5 runs off it. Pressure is back on Delhi. Bhuvneshwar has been brought back into the attack.

Rashid Khan is back for his last over. This is going to a nailbiting finish.

DD – 137/3, 14.0 overs; 49 required off 36 balls

S Kaul to Corey Anderson, SIX off the last ball, after a barrage of mistimed swipes and pulls finally Corey Anderson gets one off the middle of the willow. And when he gets those off the meat, no ground is big enough. 11 runs off the over, only 49 to go in 36 balls.

16 runs off his first over. S Kaul has been brought back into the attack.

Yuvraj to Shreyas Iyer, SIX, and again! Unlike Corey Anderson, Shreyas Iyer does not miss out on this short ball. Camps back in time and thunders the pull deep into the stands over deep mid-wicket

Yuvraj to Shreyas Iyer, SIX, another loose ball around off. Shreyas Iyer swings across the line and for a moment it seems he is in danger of skying this one. But he is not, sends over the long-on fence. Mighty hit. Looks like DD’s night after all.

Yuvraj Singh is the new bowler into the attack.

DD – 109/3, 12.0 overs; Pant falls to Siraj yorker

Nine runs and a wicket off the over, 77 required off 48 balls

Siraj to Pant, out Bowled!! Comes back with a peach of a yorker and as Mr Gavaskar informs us this was around 27kph quicker than the previous ball – 115kph. A yorker on the legs, Pant b Siraj 34(20). Corey Anderson, left handed bat, is walking in.

Siraj to Pant, SIX, this guy and his timing. Reads this short ball early and waits on the back foot. Maximum off the third ball!

Five runs off this over, Rashid Khan is coming off a good, tight spell. More overs like this needed if SRH are to win today. Siraj to bowl his third over now.

Henriques to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR, that’s one of the best shots of the game. A slight move across and offers a straight bat to send it between long-on and deep mid-wicket. 16 runs off the over. Rashid Khan to now bowl his third over.

Henriques to Pant, FOUR, four more! Henriques isn’t learning here. He is continuously offfering width outside off. Pant spots it and pummels it in front of square on the off-side.

Henriques to Pant, FOUR, that’s a gross delivery. Short and wide outside off, Pant waits for it and lifts it over extra cover for four runs. Henriques is going for a lot of runs tonight.

Moises Henriques is into the attack.

DD : 80/2, 9.0 overs; Nair Falls to Kaul

Just seven runs off the over, SRH seem to climbing back into the game.

Rashid Khan to Pant, FOUR, poor ball and Pant takes full toll of it. Low full toss, Pant sinks low and smacks the sweep through square leg. Off the sweet spot of the bat.

Rashid Khan back into the attack.

3 runs and a wicket off the over, Kaul may have turned this thing around.

S Kaul to Nair, out Caught by Bhuvneshwar!! In the air and taken! The knuckle ball from Kaul does the trick. Nair waltzes down by backing away. Goes through with his crouched slap. Gets reasonable amount of timber on that. He hit it flat and that led to his downfall. Bhuvi at long-off finally holds on to this one. Nair c Bhuvneshwar b S Kaul 39(20). S Iyer is on the crease. This is a huge blow for DD.

S Kaul is back into the attack.

DD – 70/1, 7.0 overs; Nair Crashes Through SRH Bowling

Eight off the over, goid comeback after the first ball boundary by Pant. SRH need their bowlers to break this partnership now.

Rashid Khan to Pant, FOUR, welcome to Delhi says Rishabh Pant. A loosener from Rashid Khan. Quick delivery well down leg, Pant is quick to get low and smack the sweep well wide of short fine

16 off the over, Henriques could not be off to a worse start. Rashid Khan, right arm leg break, into the attack.

Henriques to Nair, FOUR, four more! The runs are coming thick and fast for DD. Not the greatest of deliveries from Henriques. Short and drifting down leg, Nair gets inside the line and pulls it fine, beating the diving fine leg fielder

Henriques to Nair, SIX, Nair is on a roll here! Straight, length ball, Nair moves leg-side and launches it straight over the bowler’s head. The ball sails over the sightscreen for a maximum. Nair is in fire here.

Moises Henriques is the new bowler.

6 off the over, with one wicket, which was almost two. Good comeback by Siraj.

Siraj to Nair, 1 run, dropped! Bhuvi, the culprit. Nair, trying to be too cheeky, almost gifted his wicket. Moves across a long way and attempted the scoop shot. Got decent amount of wood, but there wasn’t enough elevation there. It went at catchable height to Bhuvi at short fine. This can prove very costly.

Siraj to Nair, FOUR, nowhere near the middle of the bat, but Nair won’t mind a bit. Nair backs away and wanted to loft it inside-out over covers. Since the ball was a slower one, he ends up slicing it over covers.

Siraj to Samson, out Caught by Dhawan!! First breakthrough for SRH totally against the run of play. One again the familiar culprit doing the trick – the slower ball. It was on a good length and wide of off. Samson is early into his stroke – the slash. Samson c Dhawan b Siraj 24(19). Much needed breakthrough! Rishabh Pant comes out to bat.

S Kaul to Nair, FOUR, 2 runs off the first four balls, and then leaks 10 runs off the next two. DD are off to a flier. Kaul pitches it up and Nair drills it down the ground with a shimmy down. 12 runs in this over, SRH need a wicket and fast. Siraj to bowl his second over.

S Kaul to Nair, SIX. Cheeky shot from the Karnataka batsman. It was banged in short outside off, Nair waits for it and periscopes it over the non-existent slip. Has enough power to go over third man, who thought he might have a chance there.

S Kaul is the new bowler.

DD – 28/0, 3.0 overs

Bhuvneshwar to Samson, FOUR, to deep extra cover. 12 runs off the over.

Bhuvneshwar to Samson, FOUR, right off the middle. Kumar offers width wide of off. Samson is showing glimpses of his form early in the season. Could this be his big knock?

13 off this over, Bhuvneshwar will come back for his second.

Siraj to Nair, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Nair backs away, clears the front leg and slaps it hard over covers. One bounce and over the fence. Siraj is being punished here.

Siraj to Samson, SIX, that’s a glorious shot! Siraj bangs it short without any venom behind it. Samson stands tall and launches it over long-off.

Tight, good start by Purple cap Bhuvneshwar. Just a single and double, three runs off the over, Mohammad Siraj to bowl the second over.

Samson and Nair are at the crease. Samson is on strike. Bhuvneshwar will open the attack.

DD need 186 runs to win this match and stay alive in this tournament.

SRH : 185/3, 20.0 overs; DD need 186 to win

Terrible last over by Rabada, 19 off it. Hyderabad have recovered most of the runs they lost in the middle overs. Delhi have a mountain to climb as they attempt to chase this!

Rabada to Yuvraj, FOUR, finishes the innings on a positive note. 19 runs off the over. Rabada went for 39 in his final two overs. You have to get the yorker spot on against Yuvraj. Slightly off and he puts it away, the bat comes down like an axe and he lofts it over Rabada, one bounce and into the fence

Rabada to Yuvraj, FOUR, sloppy! The low full toss outside off, Yuvraj was trying to slice it behind point, got it finer than he would have liked. Jayant at third man makes a meal of that. Allows it to escape past him

Rabada to Yuvraj, FOUR, too full and missed the yorker by a couple of inches, Yuvraj doesn’t miss though, whipped it square and past the man at square leg.

Rabada to Yuvraj, no ball, FOUR, horrendous start. He oversteps and dishes out a full delivery, Yuvraj’s hands take over, he drives it past extra cover and the ball raced away to the fence. No chance for the sweeper.

13 off the over. Rabada will bowl the last over, was very expensive in his last over.

Chris Morris to Yuvraj, FOUR, fifty for Yuvraj.Yuvraj acknowledges it with a wave of the bat. The slower length delivery, heaved in front of square, bisecting the two men in the deep. Excellent knock by Yuvraj, was a long time coming from his bat!

Chris Morris to Yuvraj, FOUR, the yorker just outside off, Yuvraj waited and went low, opened the bat face and dug it to the right of short third man.

20 runs off the over, just what Hyderabad were looking for here, Morris to bowl the penultimate over.

Rabada to Yuvraj, SIX, not off the middle, but it doesn’t have to be when it is Yuvraj Singh. The cross-seamer on off, Yuvraj clears his front leg to heave it into the on-side, off the base of the bat and over the man patrolling the deep mid-wicket fence

Rabada to Yuvraj, FOUR, the top edge flies over short fine and lands just in front of the rope. Unlucky!

Rabada to Henriques, FOUR, boundary to start the 18th. The slower delivery that drifts onto the batsman’s hips, Henriques tickles it round the corner and allows the outfield to do the rest.

Kagiso Rabada [2.0-0-20-0] is back into the attack

Chris Morris to Yuvraj, 2 runs, dropped! Short delivery angled across the left-hander, Yuvraj had to fetch the pull and he could only manage a top edge to deep mid-wicket. Samson ran across to his left and let it slip out of his hands. The wet ball might have something to do with it. May be a big slip for Delhi.

12 runs off the over. This was an expensive one by Shami. Chris Morris will bowl the 17th over.

Shami to Yuvraj, FOUR, brilliant stop from Mathews. But did he touch the cushions? The third umpire has a look and spots something in contact with the triangles. Short delivery and Yuvraj pulls in front of square, Mathews ran in from deep square, dived and stopped the ball, but it was spinning back towards the rope and he flicked it in and that’s when he was in touch

Shami to Yuvraj, FOUR, Yuvraj gets the faintest of touches on the ball and it races away to the fine leg fence. Lucky boundary for Hyderabad.

Eight runs off the over, Mishra ends with figures of 1-23. Excellent spell, this. Shami to bowl the next over.

Mishra to Yuvraj, FOUR, anything in his zone and Yuvraj is willing to take it on. The googly which is a bit full in length, Yuvraj’s back leg is in the air as he lofts it over Mishra. Almost similar to the one he played in the last over

Shami to Yuvraj, FOUR! Full delivery on the stumps, Yuvraj does not bother to get his front leg behind the line, short-arm jabs the loft over the bowler’s head, one bounce and over the ad hoardingsEight runs off the over, Mishra to bowl his final over.

SRH : 98-3, 13.0 overs; Shami, Mishra put brakes on SRH

Just singles and doubles off it, 5 runs off the over. Hyderabad need to step up the pace if they are to put on a competitive total. Shami is in for his third over.

Three runs and a wicket off the over, Shami is in some good touch today. Mishra will bowl the 13th over.

Shami to Williamson, out Caught by Chris Morris!! Second wicket for Shami. He’s got two big ones – Warner and now Williamson. Sharp short delivery, kept climbing on the Kiwi, who went for the pull and only managed a fat top edge towards deep square leg. He was never going to in control of the shot as the ball got big on him. Williamson c Chris Morris b Shami 24(24). Moises Henriques walks in to bat.

Seven runs off Mishra’s second over, Shami back for his second over.

Mishra to Williamson, FOUR, delicate. The googly just outside off, Williamson waited for it to arrive, opened the bat face and steers it past the diving short third man

Tight line, one leg bye and one dot Just five runs off it, it is slow going for the Hyderabad batsmen. Amit Mishra to bowl his second over.

Jayant Yadav into the attack.

Three runs and a wicket off the over. Good first over by the local lad.

Mishra to Dhawan, out Caught by Shreyas Iyer!! Enough in the pitch for a spinner to enjoy his outing. A gentle fist pump from the local lad. This was the googly, Dhawan went for the sweep, went with hard hands, got a top edge and Iyer came forward from deep backward square leg and took a good catch. Big wicket for DD. Dhawan was well set and he needed to carry on. Dhawan c Shreyas Iyer b Mishra 28(17). Yuvraj Singh is on the crease.

Amit Mishra, right arm leg break, is into the attack.

SRH : 75-1, 8.0 overs; Time out!

Eight runs off the over, time out!

Jayant Yadav to Williamson, SIX! That’s released all the pressure. He’d beaten Williamson twice and then follows it up with a filthy delivery in the form of trying a variation. He suggests that he wanted to bowl the carrom ball, but it slipped down the leg-side and Williamson helped himself to a six.

Tight over by Morris, just a single and five dots! DD are exerting with their bowlers, it is 67-1, and Jayant Yadav is the next bowler.

Shami to Dhawan, FOUR, Shami tries the slower ball bouncer, Dhawan does well to roll his wrists and control the hook shot, sends it past short fine leg. It is like Warner’s wicket never fell, 17 off the over and a wicket, Morris back into the attack.

Shami to Williamson, leg byes, FOUR, that’s down the leg-side, Williamson misses the flick, the ball beats the keeper off the thigh pad and goes for four

Shami to Warner, out Bowled!! Missed a few games? No problem. I know how to nail the yorkers. The SRH captain didn’t look comfortable at all and DD will be delighted with that wicket. Warner was never willing to cover the line against the right-handed pacers, was always looking to back away and open up the off-side. Shami spotted that and outfoxed the batsman with a brilliant yorker. Warner b Shami 30(21). This was an important wicket to take, great comeback by Shami. Kane Williamson is the next batsman.

Shami to Warner, FOUR, slower ball, heaved away, no timing but it escapes for four. Fifty comes up in 5.1 overs. This is a great start.

Nine off the over, the flow of runs isn’t stopping, DD need to do something about this soon, Mohammad Shami, right arm fast, into the attack.

Rabada to Warner, FOUR, Warner knew that a slower ball was coming, backed away nicely to free the arms and slapped it hard over extra-cover for four.

SRH : 40-0, 4.0 overs; Warner, Dhawan give Hyderabad a flying start

Chris Morris to Dhawan, FOUR, cut to the right of backward point, this is a great start for the Sunrisers, 15 off the over, Rabada is the next bowler.

Chris Morris to Dhawan, SIX, he’s so good with that pick up shot. Plays it in his own way. Morris once again bowls the perfect length to lift over the top, the full ball was on the leg as well.

Chris Morris to Dhawan, FOUR, similar delivery to the previous one and this time Morris pays the price, Dhawan is looking good today.

10 runs off the over, Chris Morris, right arm fast medium, into the attack.

Jayant Yadav to Warner, SIX, a good flighted delivery on the stumps, nothing wrong with the delivery, Warner makes decent connection, although it was a top edge and it cleared the rope over backward point.

11 runs off the over, Hyderabad openers are looking to crash through again. Jayant Yadav into the attack.

Rabada to Warner, FOUR. Would have been a straightforward chance. Warner is certainly having trouble facing Rabada’s angle, chips gently, was a poor shot and he’d say that he deliberately played that with that gap on the off-side. Didn’t look convincing though

Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, not the ideal start for Rabada. Dhawan flicks, fine leg is inside the ring and he had no chance. Off the mark in a flash, four off the first ball.

Just four runs off the over, Rabada, right arm fast, to bowl the second over.

Jayant Yadav to Warner, FOUR, and he’s away in a flash. Shortish and just outside off stump, Warner rocks back and cuts fiercely through cover-point. Brilliant shot to open the account.

Warner and Dhawan are at the crease. Warner is on strike. Jayant Yadav will open the attack


Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI): David Warner(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson, Moises Henriques, Yuvraj Singh, Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha(w), Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddarth Kaul, Mohammed Siraj

Delhi Daredevils (Playing XI): Sanju Samson, Karun Nair(c), Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(w), Corey Anderson, Angelo Mathews, Chris Morris, Jayant Yadav, Kagiso Rabada, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami

David Warner: We’d have batted first as well. Looks like a nice wicket. A typical Delhi wicket and I reckon it’s a bit dry. A nice, slow wicket. We got to score runs early and that can be a defining factor in this game. For us, it’s about doing the basics right and gaining momentum. That relates with winning back to back.

Karun Nair: We are bowling first. Looks like a good wicket. We have 2 changes. Mathews comes in for Billings and Jayant Yadav replaces Nadeem. We can’t do much about it (talking about the heavy loss against Punjab). We need to forget that and move on. All the boys are looking forward to this game.

Delhi Daredevils have won the toss and have opted to field






























































































































































The Delhi Daredevils face the in-form Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad today. The Delhi side has worked themselves into a spot with their poor batting performances, giving their world class bowling little chance to come to the team’s rescue. In their last match against the Kings XI Punjab, they were bowled out for 67, their lowest score ever in the IPL.

The Sunrisers Hyderabad, on the other hand, are on something of a roll, winning their last two matches, including the last one against the table toppers Kolkata Knightriders in which skipper David Warner hit a stunning century. The Sunrisers sit pretty on the points table with 13 points from 10 matches, and would look to inch closer to the magic number of 16 with a big win today.

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