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Sports Budget: For sports in India, Rs 3090.87 crore spent in three years

Sports Budget: For sports in India, Rs 3090.87 crore spent in three years

For sports in India, total Rs 3090.87 Cr. spent by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, for organising sports in India. In 2015, Total 1082.13 Cr was allocated by the Indian govt, While for 2016-17 sports event total Rs 2389. 21 Cr has spent in different sports. Total 214.85 crores received as cash through supplementary. In 2018-19 annual Union Budget The government of India on allocated Rs 2196.35 crore to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. This was a hike from the Rs 1,943.21 crore in last year’s budget, which was further revised and reduced to Rs 1,938.16 crore. For Khelo India school games Govt allocated Rs 575.59 crore for this programme. Total 3090.87 crores spent out of a total of 3471.34 allocated budget for sports in 2015, 2016 and, 2017.

Budget allocated Year Budget Estimate Exp.
2015 1082.13 Cr  1020.65
2016 996.00 Cr 1075.11*
2017 1393.21 Cr 995.11*

(Rs 214.85 Cr received cash through supplementary, Records are as on 23-03.2018)

These rupees are used for organising Event and promote other initiatives, which are related to these schemes. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports spent this money among all the sports, which are played in India. For Khelo India scheme which was launched by Sports ministry in 2016 Govt allocated the total amount of Rs 575.59 crore. Out of this, Rs 520 crore is for Khelo India, while the rest are divided among three other initiatives that come within the umbrella of the national programme.

rti for sports allocation

Budget allocation for year 2015, 2016, and 2017 


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