Pro Kabaddi League finale: Patna Pirates defeat Gujarat Fortunegiants

Pro Kabaddi League finale: Patna Pirates defeat Gujarat Fortunegiants

Patna Pirates defeated Gujarat Fortunegiants and won their third consecutive title. There had been a lot of anticipation about the finale, and the audiences were becoming excited to see which team will become the winner this time. It started with Monu scoring a point for Gujarat, but then Sachin score a double pint ad the score was 15-10. The competition was neck to neck as it happened, with Pradeep performing well in the finale, along with Sachin, and others. But, in the end, Patna won by a vast difference of 55-38, and yet again showed that they hadn’t gone weaker in a year.

There were times when it was looking like the debuting team, Gujarat Fortunegiants were going to win the game, and they had brought the score to 43-34, but then Patna tore through the defenses of the opposing team and won by a great difference.

The victory is being celebrated all around India, and people who watched the show and on social media, and it is a good example of a team maintaining their level of expertise in the game and making it difficult for the other teams to win. Congratulations are in order for Patna Pirates and it seems that they will be continuing their winning streak in next season too.

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