Navy’s all woman Crew, INSV Tarini, successfully crosses Cape Horn

Navy’s all woman Crew, INSV Tarini, successfully crosses Cape Horn

It is another proud and historic moment for India, as Navy’s all-female crew set sail to one of the most dangerous sea terrains on earth, signifying the strength of Indian women and the their courage. Now, it has been confirmed that the crew of Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini has crossed the almost fatal Drake Passage, circling about the Cape Horn which is situated in South of South America. The passage is famously called the Mount everest of sailing, because it is one of the most difficult and the most turbulent of waters. That the crew, aboard a very tiny boat was capable of accomplishing such a task has made every Indian proud.

Prime Minister Modi also congratulated the achievement of the women. He wrote on his twitter handle, Wonderful news! Delighted that INSV Tarini has rounded Cape Horn in the last few hours. We are extremely proud of their accomplishments.” The crew had left on September 10, having been flagged by the Defense Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman. The boat is modestly proportioned, at 56 foot. The crew is scheduled to stop at four destinations, Fremantle,  Australia, Lyttelton, Port Stanley and Cape Town.

The name of the tour is Navika Sagar Parikrama, and is led by Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi. The social media has been pouring out with love and praises for the crew, having led a tour that is not only dangerous but also time consuming, and showing the world that the women of India are capable of everything that men can do if they are given the opportunity to do things. It will show other aspiring women and girls that their dreams can also come true and they can also achieve the most difficult things if they are believed in.

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