Mirabai Chanu wins gold at Weightlifting World Championship

Mirabai Chanu wins gold at Weightlifting World Championship
Written by Abhishek Rana

Mirabai Chanu has become the first Indian woman in two decades to win a gold medal at the Weightlifting World Championship. She lifted 194 kg, 109 in clean and jerk, and 89 in Snatch. Chanu is the second woman to win a gold medal in the world championship, after Karnam Malleswari, who was able to achieve the win 1995. The event was held in United States and Chanu was competing in the 48kg group. Chanu had also triumphed at the Commonwealth Senior weightlifting championship, which was held in Australia this September, thus, cementing her place for the Commonwealth Games to be organized next year.

When she saw the the Indian Flag hoisted above the others, Chanu couldn’t control her feelings and burst into tears. Sukchareon Thunya, who hailds from Thailand, won the silver medal from lifting 193kg and Segura Ana Iris was awarded had to content with a bronze from a lift of 182kg.

The participants from Russia, China, Kazakhsthan and Ukrain, among others were unable to contend for the championship due to issues of doping.

Mirabai Chanu has been praised from the government and other news outlets for the historic win and for making the country proud. It should also be a very happy moment for Chanu herself.



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