Michael Bambang: Meet Richest Athlete in Asian Games 2018

Michael Bambang: Meet Richest Athlete in Asian Games 2018
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Whenever we thought about the richest players in the world, then the name of boxer Mayweather, basketballer LeBron James or footballer Neymar comes. But forget all these names now. Now when it comes to rich players, the name of Michael Bambang Hartono has been reported. 78-year-old Michael Hartono is the richest man and player in Indonesia. He will play the bridge in Asian Games 2018. According to Forbes, his total assets are $ 11 billion (about 770 billion rupees). He is the 75th richest person in the world. Bambang recently completed two months training in Europe and America to prepare for the Asian Games. He said, ‘I play the bridge to keep my memory strong. My second hobby is Tai Chi, which helps me to focus my attention. ‘ Bambang will also be Indonesia’s oldest player.

Bambang’s eyes are set on winning the gold medal. He said, “If I win gold, I will not take the prize money of the government (about Rs 71 lakh). If despite this, I am asked to take this amount, then I will spend it on other players’ training programs. ” The pair of Bambang and Bertour Polly will participate in the Super Mixed Team event.

Bambang and his brother Budi Hartono have been ranked number one in the list of the richest Players in Indonesia for the last 10 years in the Forbes Magazine list. According to Bambang, Bill Gates is also a bridge player. The events of the bridge in the Asian Games to be held in Indonesia will begin on August 21. These events will run till September 2.

In June 2018, Forbes released a list of the highest-paid Athletes in all over World. Boxer Floyd Mayweather is at number one in this list. His annual earnings is $ 285 million (about Rs 2000 crore). The reason for not mentioning Michael Bambang Hartono’s name in this list of Forbes is that he is not a professional player.

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