KXIP v/s SRH ipl 10 Match 33 Full Highlights: Sunrisers Hyderabad Win By 26 runs

KXIP v/s SRH ipl 10 Match 33 Full Highlights: Sunrisers Hyderabad Win By 26 runs

KXIP : 181/9, 20.0 overs; Hyderabad defeat Punjab by 26 runs

Nehra to Anureet Singh, out Caught by Williamson!! Anureet Singh c Williamson b Nehra 15(12) [4s-2]. Ninth wicket falls, Punjab have lost this match.

Ashish Nehra to bowl the last over. 29 reuqired off it. OUT! Caught by Deepak Hooda!! Third catch for Hooda after the drop. The ball is full and angling across off, Mohit slices it in the air after throwing his bat at it. Simple catch at sweeper cover. Mohit Sharma c Deepak Hooda b Nehra 2

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back for the penultimate over. Anureet hits him for a four, but only 8 off the over. 29 runs required off the last over. This is increasingly out of KXIP’s reach.

KXIP : 167/7, 18.0 overs; 37 required off 12 balls

Kaul is back for the last over. S Kaul to Axar, out Caught by Warner!! Another miscue, this time he won’t get away. It’s Warner under it, and Warner takes it. Clever slower ball from Kaul keeping the line well outside off and the ball cuts away further to ensure that Axar slices it in the air. Warner moves to his left and takes it comfortably. Axar c Warner b S Kaul 16(9). The Punjab batting is falling apart. 9 runs off this over. 

Ashish Nehra is back into the attack.  Axar hits him for two fours, for 12 runs off this over.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack, and he has got Shaun Marsh! Caught by Deepak Hooda!! Hooda under the skier again, and he takes it this time. Makes amends. But massive props to Bhuvneshwar, stepping up to answer his captain’s call once more. He’s done it time and again this season. Uses the knuckle ball to deceive Marsh who is early into the heave. The ball is launched into the night sky, Hooda comes in from deep mid-wicket, settles under it and overcomes a slight bobble to grab hold of it. That should seal it. Shaun Marsh c Deepak Hooda b Bhuvneshwar 84(50). This is huge! Anureet Singh into the attack.

KXIP : 138/5, 15.0 overs; Rashid removes dangerous Morgan

S Kaul to Saha, out Bowled!! A length ball, Saha looks to pull and manages an inside edge for the ball to canon onto the sticks. That was a nothing shot from him. Kaul gets away with a length ball but the good thing was he kept it closer to the sticks. Saha b S Kaul 2(4) Saha b S Kaul 2(4). Axar Patel is on the crease now.




No Ball! This may be the last thing Hyderabad skipper Warner needs right now.

Kaul, the other successful bowler today, is back into the attack, and Marsh immediately sets about spoiling his figures with a four, six and another four. The match will be close, if Marsh is still around.

Marsh slogs for a sweep off Rashid’s last ball, but he is finishing with figures of 1-16 in his 4 overs. Great performance again!

Rashid Khan back for his last over, and he gets his elusive wicket off the first ball! OUT! Caught by Deepak Hooda!! Eoin Morgan c Deepak Hooda b Rashid Khan 26(21). The valuable partnership is broken! Wriddhiman Saha is walking in.

Marsh facing Henriques now, and Marsh hits him for three consecutive fours. Old touch, it seems, for Marsh. 19 off the over.

Henriques into the attack, and Morgan hoists him for a six on the first ball. Fetches the length ball and then thwacks the ball over long-on. Length in the later part of the innings spells doom for the bowler.

KXIP : 96/3, 12.0 overs, 112 off 48 balls needed.

Singles only, just eight off the over. No wicket for Rashid, though. Yet.

Rashid Khan is back into the attack. And Marsh smacks him to the boundary for a much needed show of force against Khan. The partnership is now worth 50.

Another four! To sweeper cover this time by Morgan. 12 off this over.

Henriques is back into the attack, and Marsh hits him to the boundary for his first four of the match. Morgan is away.

Rashid Khan is back into the attack, and he is on song. The wrong one beats Marsh and he has no clue. Five dots and a single off this over, Rashid Khan may just turn the momentum back in Hyderabad’s favor.

KXIP : 75/3, 9.0 overs

Time for the strategic break. The three wickets have dented KXIP although Marsh is playing a blinder. He needs to convert this into a big knock if his team are to try and get closer to the target

Kaul back into the attack, and Morgan and Marsh are playing him carefully. Just singles off the over, 5 runs off this over.

Just three runs off this over, Rashid Khan is looking good.

Rashid Khan is introduced into the attack. The hugely successful Afghan bowler is one of the reasons Hyderabad have done so well in this season.

KXIP : 67/3, 7.0 overs, Dangerous Marsh punishes Hyderabad bowlers

Moises Henriques for the seventh over and Marsh immediately dispatches him to the boundary. He is in sublime touch! Width on offer from Henriques, a gentle loosener to start, he leans back and cuts it square on the off-side, beats the fielder in the ring and rolls away to the fence

Offie Deepak Hooda into the attack, and Marsh punishes him with a four, a crackling six and another four. 17 off his first over.

OUT! Caught by Nehra!! Remember Kohli’s dismissal yesterday? This was more or less the same. Maxi couldn’t have picked the fielder any better. It was a length ball drifting into the pads, Maxwell looked to have timed the flick perfectly but little did he knew that the ball would go straight to short fine. Nehra gee ain’t dropping that. Maxwell c Nehra b S Kaul 0

Marsh gets a thick top-edge on the pull which sails over the keeper for a one-bounce four. Punjab move to 48.

Siddhart Kaul, right medium, into the attack.

KXIP : 37/2, 4.0 overs; Hyderabad bowlers send both openers packing

OUT! Caught by S Kaul!! The slower ball works…Nehra persists with the same tactic, he fires it around off and middle denying all the room Vohra wanted Vohra c S Kaul b Nehra 3(6). Eoin Morgan walks in to bat.

Nehra for his second over, and Marsh immediately treats him with his characteristic disdain with two fours.

Excellent over, just three runs and a wicket off it. Bhuvneshwar proves why he has been the dominant bowling force of the tournament.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar for his second over. OUT! The dangerous Guptill is out! Caught by Henriques!! Big, big wicket this. Front of the hand slower ball, Guptill was way too early into the shot, looks to flay it over the infield, but instead slices it off the botto half Guptill c Henriques b Bhuvneshwar 23(11). Shaun Marsh is on the crease. 

Two more fours by Guptill! 15 off the over.

Nehra to bowl the second over, and Six! Guptill looks in fine touch, Bring it on says Guptill as he swivel-pulls a 77 metre maximum over square leg.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the first over, and Guptill hits him for two fours for a fine start to the innings, 10 runs off the first over.

Guptill and Vohra walk in to bat. A lot will be expected of them today.

SRH : 207/3, 20.0 overs; Hyderabad set a target of 208 

Four off the fifth ball.  Williamson shuffles a long way across and scoops Mohit Sharma’s slower delivery over short fine to bring up his fifty. 

Mohit Sharma to bowl the last over. Consecutive deliveries into the blockhole, just 2 runs off the first two balls.

Manan Vohra may have saved his side four runs with that stunning effort. Williamson smacks Sharma for a four off the last ball, 20 off the penultimate over. 

Pacer Ishant Sharma is back into the attack. Ishant to Williamson, and a four and six off consecutive balls. There was a desperate dive, but the timing was too good. Ishant may have undone all of Maxwell’s good bowling.

Five off this over, this is a very good 18th over by Maxwell.

Maxwell into the attack again, and OUT! Caught by Axar!! Yuvi’s vulnerability against off spin has come under scanner, once again. It was fired flatter and into the batsman from round the wicket, Yuvi smacks it high into the night sky. More elevation than distance. Long-on gobbles it up with ease. Yuvraj c Axar b Maxwell 15(12). Moises Henriques is the new batsman. 

SRH : 171/2, 17.0 overs

11 off this over, Cariappa finishes with figures of 0-42. Not a good day.

Four again! It is Yuvraj again, and he drives square of the wicket for a beautiful boundary.

Cariappa is back into the attack, he has been very expensive today. He continues his bad day with a four off the first ball. Yuvi lifts the drive on seeing the line wide of off and gets a lucky a boundary

Glenn Maxwell into the attack. Two dots, three singles and a double off the over, only 5 runs. This is a good 16th over by the captain.

Williamson smacks Mohit Sharma to the boundary. 12 runs and a wicket off the over, it remains to be seen if the flow of runs can be stopped.

Out! Caught by Maxwell!! Misjudged it for a fleeting moment at deep mid-wicket, but timed his leap to perfection to grab it over his head mid-air. Bonzer. All that after Dhawan swatted a fullish delivery over mid-wicket. Dhawan c Maxwell b Mohit Sharma 77(48). Yuvaraj Singh on the crease.

Mohit Sharma into the attack, and Dhawan smacks him to the boundary, Dhawan seems to be in touch today.

SRH : 143/1, 14.0 overs; Hyderabad look to set big score

Dhawan is on 68 off 44 balls, with seven fours and a six. The other batsman on the crease is Kane Williamson.

Hyderabad are off to a flying start with skipper Warner departing with a 51 off 27 balls to begin with a solid opening.

Punjab have won the toss and elected to field first.

Sunrises Hyderabad face Kings XI Punjab today in a do-or-die match for Punjab. Punjab have struggled in the tournament, although they did win their last match against the Gujarat Lions, courtesy a half century by Hashim Amla. SRH have won four of their eight matches, with the last match against RCB washed out to rain in Bangalore.

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