KKR vs RPS IPL 10 2017 Highlights: KKR win by 7 wickets

KKR vs RPS IPL 10 2017  Highlights:  KKR win by 7 wickets

Robin Uthappa’s pyrotechnics, and Gambhir’s steady hand have taken KKR to their seventh victory this season. KKR are now tied for the top slot with Mumbai Indians. Disappointing for the Pune Supergiants.

KKR : 184/3, 18.1 overs; KKR win by 7 wickets!!

SN Thakur to bowl what is presumably the last over. And Bravo hits him for a four the first ball. This match is KKR’s! What a performance by KKR batsmen!

Christian to Gambhir, OUT, is that another one? Yes, it is. Gambhir this time, trying to pull one away but there was really no room for it. And it bounces too much for him too, skewed off the top edge straight into the hands on mid-on. G Gambhir c Thakur b Christian 62. MK Pandey walks in. Only four runs to go.

Daniel Christian in to bowl his last over. Bravo takes a single off the second ball for his first run of this IPL.

Unadkat to Uthappa, OUT, gone. Uthappa tries to finish it off with one final big flourish. It is short of a length, slower ball from Unadkat, who had rolled his fingers over it. Uthappa backs away and tries to slap it away with a flat bat, gets it off the top part of the bat to long-off, skews it in the air and sends it into the hands of Tripathi who runs back a few steps and snaffles it. RV Uthappa c Tripathi b Unadkat 87. Bravo walks in.

Unadkat into the attack, the game should be over in this over.

KKR : 173/1, 16.0 overs, 10 runs required from 24 balls

Tahir comes in for the 16th over, and is immediately punished with two sixes by Uthappa. He is on fire! 14 off the over.

Christian into the attack. 24 off 30 balls, should be easy. Four off the first ball by Gambhir, KKR are on their way.

Tahir is into the attack, but it seems like a lost cause for the RPS side. Gambhir hits him for a clean six over long on, and then a double brings up a well deserved half century for the skipper.


KKR : 135/1, 13.0 overs Time out!!

The KKR juggernaut looks to steam roll the Pune army. Pune have badly missed Stokes. The catching has been poor and that has only added to their woes. Uthappa has batted like a dream, imperious and dominating at the same time. He has not allowed a single bowler since the powerplay period to settle down. Gambhir has been at his nudgy best and has done what he does best. Anchored the knock to perfection so far.

KKR : 28/1, 4.0 overs; Narine run out 

Narine Run Out!! Narine is horrible when it comes to running between the wickets. Gambhir should have been aware of it. Just tickles the ball to short fine and rushes for a quick single. Narine had to respond. Thakur underarms the throw and then the MS special. Good game awareness. Just deflects the ball onto the stumps with sheer ease. Narine run out (SN Thakur/Dhoni) 16(11). Uthappa walks in.

Sunil Narine and Gambhir walk in to open the innings. Unadkat will bowl the first over.

Narine hits a four off the second delivery, after a wide. Steady start for the KKR side with 8 off the first over.

KKR are out to bat. They have been set a target of 183.

RPS : 182/5, 20.0 overs; RPS set 183 as target.

Out on the last ball. Caught by M Pandey!! Christian c M Pandey b U Yadav 16(6).

Two wides by Umesh, this is reckless giving away of free runs.

Single and a fifty for captain Smith.

Six off the first ball! 16 balls without a boundary or a six, now RPS have three on the trot. This is a top shot. A difficult one to play. Wide yorker outside off, Smith opens the bat face and carves it over point. Nice connection and pinged the ad boardings

Umesh Yadav for the last over. Wonder if pace is the right option here.

Woakes in for the penultimate over. Two sixes off the last two balls! Woakes was predictable and Christian lops him out of the park. 19 off this over.

RPS : 152/4, 18.0 overs; Kuldeep strikes twice.

5 runs off the over. Kuldeep has bowled a brilliant 17th over.

Kuldeep Yadav to Manoj Tiwary, out Stumped!! Take a bow Gautam Gambhir. It was a brave move to bowl Kuldeep and he is now reaping the rewards. Manoj Tiwary st Uthappa b Kuldeep Yadav 1(2). This mini collapse will seriously reflect on the RPS final score. Daniel Christian on the crease.

Yadav is back into the attack. Dhoni, out Stumped!! Huge wicket this. Full marks for GG as well. Bowling a spinner in the 18th over, you don’t see that often. The youngster has outfoxed the master finisher. The googly which is short in length, Dhoni runs down the wicket and is beaten by the turn, does not get the body behind the line, Uthappa whips the bails off in a flash. Kuldeep loved that wicket. Jumps and follows it with a fist pump. Dhoni st Uthappa b Kuldeep Yadav 23(11). Manoj Tiwary walks in.

RPS : 147/2, 17.0 overs

Narine is back into the attack, and Smith immediately dispatches him to the boundary. Singles and doubles now, only 7 runs off this over. This is good!

Kuldeep Yadav bowling the 16th over. Dhoni is on fire! Six off the fifth ball. He’s looking in ominous here. Not all that short from Kuldeep, Dhoni went deep in the crease and might have top edged the pull, looked mistiemd at first, but the ball kept gathering momentum.

Chawla into the attack, and new batsman Dhoni makes himself at home with a four and a six off consecutive balls. 15 runs off the over.

RPS : 114/2, 14.0 overs; Rahane is out to Narine, falls for 46.

Narine is in for the fourteenth over. Stumped!! The carrom ball which is short in length, Rahane just took a step out and tried to carve it into the off-side, beaten and Uthappa was quick this time. The back foot was initially on the line, Rahane lifted it to get back in and Uthappa took that opportunity to light up the bails. Rahane st Uthappa b Narine 46(41). MS Dhoni walks in.

Singles and doubles seems to be Smith’s way today. 9 off the over.

Yadav now. FOUR off the first ball, precise placement from captain Smith. Floaty chinaman turning in around off, Smith stays low and plays the half sweep/pull, in the air and bisecting the two fielders in front of square on the leg-side

Chawla is back for his third over. Rahane hits him for a four off the fourth ball. Rahane is looking good. 11 off this over.

RPS : 89/1, 11.0 overs

6 off this over.

Kukdeep for his second over. FOUR,first ball, loosener from Kuldeep. Rank long hop on off, Rahane had all the time in the world to go deep in the crease and pull it in front of square, wide of deep mid-wicket and Rahane is getting a move on

Chawla into the attack again. Measured bowling, but Rahane hits him for a four off the fourth ball. 9 off the over.

Lovely shot, friendly full-toss from de Grandhomme and Smith takes full toll of it, shuffles across and shovels it in front of square on the on-side, beats the man getting across from the deepFour off the last ball, by Smith.

Only singles and doubles for Rahane and Smith for now, KKR are exerting pressure.

Grandehomme back for his second over. He has bowled well.

RPS : 65/1, 8.0 over; Chawla bowls dangerous Tripathi!

Out Bowled!! Piyush has broken through the dangerous opening stand, Tripathi falls after a fine hand. Tripathi b Chawla 38(23). Captain Smith walks in.

Piyush Chawla is into the attack. Gambhir looking for a wicket.

Singles only, just 5 off this over.

Chance for a run out! Yusuf has made a mess of a simple chance, ran back from mid-wicket, got to the ball, went with both hands and shells it. Looks bad on replays.

Colin Grandehomme into the attack.
Tripathi hits Narine for two fours to bring up the half century partnership, twice in two matches for RPS. 15 off the over.

Narine into the attack now, and Tripathi goes inside out over cover point for a four on the second ball. The run meter is ticking!

RPS : 42/0, 5.0 overs; Tripathi at it again

Tripathi smashes Woakes to the boundary past the baller. Both the openers are looking good. 12 off the over.

Woakes in for his second over. SIX off the third ball, Rahane breaks the shackles, at first look – he didn’t looked to have timed it, but it kept soaring high and into the stands at long-on. Just short of a good length and outside off, Rahane swung through the line and collects his first maximum.

Sunil Narine is walking in to bowl.  Appeal for a stumping on fourth ball. Uthappa looks confident. Tripathi did move his feet, was he back before Uthappa whipped the bails off? Yes, he took some time to break the stumps, enough for Tripathi to get back in. Just 5 runs off this over.

Umesh is back for his second, and is taken to the cleaners by Tripathi with some fine shots. 11 off the over, including two fours by Tripathi.


Rahane and Tripathi are at the crease. Rahane is on strike. U Yadav will open the attack.

Four off the last ball, Rahane hits the ball to mid wicket. 14/0

Chris Woakes is the bowler on the other end. His fine bowling was the reason RCB fell the other day.

Umesh is off to an excellent start, with three dots to open the innings. Bowls a wide, and then is hit for a four. Six off the first over.

Kolkata win the toss, and elect to field first!

Steve Smith agrees with Gambhir, he would have fielded first too. Ben Stokes has a sore shoulder and is sitting out, and he is being replaced by Faf du Plessis. This is a huge loss for RPS, Stokesie was instrumental in their win on Monday night.

KKR skipper elects to field first, saying the wicket would not change much and they would like to restrict SRH to a small score and chase it down. Darren Bravo and Piyush Chawla are in, Coulter Neil is rested (as we reported before) and Surya Kumar is going to miss out.

The Kolkata Knightriders travel to Pune today to play the Rising Pune Supergiants, who are really on the rise in the last three games. Coming off their close victory against the table toppers Mumbai Indians at Wankhede on Monday, RPS are riding high on the performances of both the bowlers and the batsmen.

KKR sit comfortably at the second spot in the table, having lost just two matches this season. Their crushing defeat of the RCB the other night, where the Bangalore side was bowled out for a mere 49, is testament to the strength of Kolkata’s bowling. However, the mini batting collapse (they were bowled out for 131) is going to be a worry for skipper Gautam Gambhir, and he would they can not afford to make such a mistake against the in-form Pune.

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