Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings: Chennai loses thriling contest

Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings: Chennai loses thriling contest
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Chennai Super Kings will look to sustain their winning band when they lock woodwinds with Kings XI Punjab in Mohali today. It will be the third IPL match between these two. After opening their battle with a stunning win over Mumbai Indians in the tournament opener, Chennai Super Kings pulled off yet another thrilling chase to beat Kolkata Knight Riders. CSK have adequate depth in their batting line-up with the likes of Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Faf du Plessis, Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Billings, and Bravo. Chennai Spin trio of Harbhajan Singh, Jadeja, and Imran Tahir can be a useful force as they are complemented by Shardul Thakur, Deepak Chahar, and Watson.

On the other hand, Kings XI Punjab is coming in the match after they got a loss against Royal Challengers Bangalore. The KXIP started the season on a booming note, beating Delhi Daredevils by six wickets. A matter of concern for KXIP is the form of their top order batsman Yuvraj Singh, who made 12 and 4 in the previous two games while in the bowling department, Mohit Sharma looked off-colour against RCB.

At batting first KXIP opening pair Chris Gayle and Lokesh Rahul started well, built a partnership of 96 runs in just 8 overs, Sixer-King Chris Gayle contributed 63(33) including four sixes and seven boundaries while, Lokesh Rahul scored 37(22). CSK Spinner Imran Tahir got two wickets while Shardul Thakur out Ashwin and Yuvraj Singh as his two hunts in the game. 

Head to Head: KXIP 6 – 10 CSK; In Mohali – KXIP 1 – 3 CSK


10:33 PM IST- Ashwin to Billings, out Lbw!! Ashwin runs to appeal. He wants an LBW. But the umpire’s given runs. When you are the skipper and the bowler, you don’t consult anybody. We’re upstairs. It started with Billings shuffling, exposing his stumps and sweeping. Ashwin smartly slips in the quicker one, bang in line with the stumps. UltraEdge shows no edge. And HawkEye shows it to crash into off. Massive moment. Billings lbw b Ashwin 9(8) [4s-1]

Score after 4 overs
CSK 39-1
Mohit Sharma

10:18 PM IST- Mohit Sharma to Vijay, 1 run

10:17 PM IST- Mohit Sharma to Rayudu, FOUR

10:15 PM IST- Barinder to Vijay, SIX

10:12 PM IST- Barinder to Rayudu, FOUR, all timing. Back, lining himself behind and drills it to mid-off’s right. Ashwin isn’t the quickest, manages a palm. The outfield isn’t Punjab’s ally either

10:11 PM IST- Barinder to Vijay, 1 run, 100.6kph. Slow, Vijay stays back, has no pace to work around with, poking it to point

10:10 PM IST- Mohit Sharma to Watson, out Caught by Barinder!! Too cute, and that’s never ideal. Mohit gets his line wrong, slipping into the legs, but he’s neatly disguised this slower back-hander. Watson’s fooled as he loads up and commits to swipe it, knowing there’s nobody at fine leg. Goes through early, gets a fat splice and short fine pockets the balloon. Watson c Barinder b Mohit Sharma 11(9) [4s-2]

10:08 PM IST- Mohit Sharma to Watson, FOUR

10:02 PM IST- Mohit Sharma to Watson, FOUR

Score after 20 overs
KXIP 197-7
Andrew Tye
Dwayne Bravo

9:38 PM IST- Dwayne Bravo to Nair, out Caught by Jadeja!! Dwayne Bravo is good. He is too good, specially at the death. Nair c Jadeja b Dwayne Bravo 29(17) [4s-2 6s-1]

9:35 PM IST- Dwayne Bravo to Nair, 1 run, clears the front leg

Score after 19 overs
KXIP 193-6
Andrew Tye
SN Thakur

9:34 PM IST- SN Thakur to Ashwin, out Caught by Dhoni!! Dhoni catches and Ashwin has to walk back to the dressing room. That’s not something we are used to. A shortish ball, slightly off-paced and Ashwin was back and across to pull it away. Top-edges and MS runs towards the square leg region to snaffle that. Ashwin c Dhoni b SN Thakur 14(11) [6s-1]

9:32 PM IST- SN Thakur to Ashwin, SIX, Vijay was waiting for the ball, but it goes over his head.

9:31 PM IST- SN Thakur to Ashwin, 1 run

9:30 PM IST- SN Thakur to Ashwin, 2 runs, 141.6kph

9:29 PM IST- Dwayne Bravo to Nair, 2 runs, to mid-on

9:26 PM IST- Dwayne Bravo to Nair, FOUR, to fine leg

9:25 PM IST- Dwayne Bravo to Nair, SIX, RJ runs across

Score after 17 overs
KXIP 165-5

9:24 PM IST- Tahir to Ashwin, 1 run, to mid-wicket

9:22 PM IST- Tahir to Nair, 2 runs, to cover

9:18 PM IST- SN Thakur to Yuvraj, out Caught by Dhoni!! Yuvraj c Dhoni b SN Thakur 20(13) [4s-2 6s-1]

Score after 15 overs
KXIP 154-4

9:15 PM IST- Tahir to Finch, out Lbw!! Aaron Finch is given OUT lbw. Back-to-back golden ducks for him. He has reviewed. That looked plumb. Let’s see. Fair delivery. No bat. Three reds and he is outta here. Here’s the comeback from CSK. It was the quick googly from Tahir and Finch definitely didn’t pick that. Presses forward to block and got rapped on the front leg in front of off. That’s plumb. Tahir is pumped. Runs with the arms aloft and slaps the CSK symbol with on his shirt. That’s the passion with which he plays. Finch lbw b Tahir 0(1)

9:09 PM IST- Tahir to Mayank Agarwal, out Caught by Jadeja!! Mayank Agarwal c Jadeja b Tahir 30(19) [4s-1 6s-2]

9:06 PM IST- Dwayne Bravo to Yuvraj, FOUR, follows the bumper with a yorker and Yuvraj brings his bat down at the right time.

9:05 PM IST- Dwayne Bravo to Yuvraj, FOUR

Score after 13 overs
KXIP 136-2
Mayank Agarwal

9:01 PM IST- Tahir to Yuvraj, SIX, to long-on

8:56 PM IST- Watson to Gayle, out Caught by Tahir!! Watto strikes! Removes his former RCB teammate. It was banged short by the Australian and the line was on leg. Gayle went for the pull half-heartedly and all he could manage was a top-edge that lobs straight to short fine leg. A dolly for Tahir. Watson Gayle c Tahir b Watson 63(33) [4s-7 6s-4]

8:55 PM IST- Watson to Mayank Agarwal, SIX

Score after 10 overs
KXIP 115-1
Mayank Agarwal

8:49 PM IST- Harbhajan to Mayank Agarwal, FOUR, to deep backward point

8:47 PM IST- Harbhajan to Mayank Agarwal, SIX, to long-on

Score after 9 overs
KXIP 102-1
Mayank Agarwal

8:44 PM IST- Watson to Mayank Agarwal, 1 run, little nip into the batsman and Mayank Agarwal

8:43 PM IST- Watson to Gayle, 1 run

8:42 PM IST- Watson to Mayank Agarwal, 1 run, to deep mid-wicket

8:41 PM IST- Watson to Gayle, 1 run, push and run

8:40 PM IST- Harbhajan to Rahul, out Caught by Dwayne Bravo!! That is a steal. Rahul c Dwayne Bravo b Harbhajan 37(22) [4s-7]

8:39 PM IST- Harbhajan to Gayle, 1 run, to long-on

8:38 PM IST-Harbhajan to Rahul, 1 run, to backward square leg

8:37 PM IST- Harbhajan to Rahul, 1 run, driven to the long-on region as the ball was bowled flatter

8:35 PM IST- Strategic Time-out is on 

8:34 PM IST- Tahir to Gayle, SIX, unfurl the noise now! Slammed down the ground over long-off. Well flighted ball and the batsman spanks it over the fence. He ain’t holding back

8:33 PM IST- Tahir to Gayle, FOUR, fifty on debut

8:32 PM IST- Tahir to Rahul, FOUR, to deep mid-wicket

Score after 6 overs
KXIP 75-0

8:31 PM IST- Chahar to Gayle, SIX, to long-off

8:30 PM IST- Chahar to Gayle, FOUR, to long-off

8:28 PM IST- Chahar to Gayle, FOUR, to backward square leg

8:26 PM IST- Chahar to Gayle, SIX, to long-on

8:24 PM IST- SN Thakur to Gayle, FOUR, short ball again, the batsman does not time the pull away. But he gets enough meat on it and sends it past mid-on for a four. Fifty up for KXIP. All carnage at Mohali

8:22 PM IST- SN Thakur to Rahul, FOUR, CSK have not done their homework. That was short again and the batsman stays back to pull the ball away with a lot of control. The man at deep fine had no chance

8:21 PM IST- SN Thakur to Gayle, FOUR, edged and gone

8:20 PM IST- Harbhajan to Rahul, FOUR, if it is power from one end

8:18 PM IST- Harbhajan to Rahul, FOUR

8:17 PM IST- Harbhajan to Gayle, SIX, big hit by Gayle

8:16 PM IST- Harbhajan to Gayle, FOUR

8:09 PM IST- Chahar to Rahul, FOUR, short ball

8:05 PM IST- Harbhajan to Gayle, FOUR

8:03 PM IST- Chahar to Rahul, FOURho ho ho!! That was creamed away.

8:00 PM IST- Chahar to Rahul, FOUR

Chennai Super Kings 

SR Watson Allrounder
AT Rayudu Batsman
M Vijay Batsman
MS Dhoni (c) † Wicketkeeper
SW Billings Batsman
RA Jadeja Allrounder
DJ Bravo Allrounder
DL Chahar Bowler
Harbhajan Singh Bowler
SN Thakur Bowler
Imran Tahir Bowler

KXIP Playing XI

CH Gayle Allrounder
KL Rahul Wicketkeeper
MA Agarwal Batsman
AJ Finch Batsman
Yuvraj Singh Batsman
KK Nair Batsman
BB Sran Bowler
R Ashwin (c) Allrounder
AJ Tye Bowler
MM Sharma Bowler
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Bowler

Rayudu vs Mohit: Mohit has dismissed Rayudu on five occasions, conceding 46 runs from the 37 balls he’s bowled to him.
Harbhajan vs Karun: Karun has been dismissed by Harbhajan four times in 21 balls while managing only 20 runs.

7:30 PM IST- TOSS– CSK Won the toss and elected to field first

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