Indian Squad breaks All time medal record in Asian Games

Indian Squad breaks All time medal record in Asian Games
Written by Abhishek Lohia

India has won a silver and three bronze medals on the 13th day of the 18th Asian Games i.e. on Friday. With this, India is one step closer to break their all-time highest medal winning in Asian Games History. India is set to get at least three sure medals in hockey, squash, and boxing. That means its 66 medals have been confirmed. India is now at eighth position in Tally with 65 medals, including 13 gold. India won the 65 medals in 2010 in the Asian Games and break their 67-year historical record. India then won a total of 65 medals, including 14 gold in the Guangzhou Games. This time it is been cross this figure. India’s women hockey team, women squash team, and boxer Amit have reached the finals on yesterday and now they will get their medal today. Apart from this, men’s hockey team is also in the bronze medal race.

India had won 51 medals including 15 gold in the 1951 Asian Games. Before this, India has never won 15 gold since this. But this time, India has won 13 gold so far. India has the opportunity to break the record of winning the most gold this time. Of the 65 gold that India has won, 25 of them are won women players. There are 34 medals won by in the men’s event. The remaining four medals are won in the mixed event. Talking about the gold, male players have won 9 gold while women’s has won 4 gold medals so far.

India has won the most gold and medal athletics in the current Asian Games. India has 7 gold and 19 medals in athletics. India has won more gold than China (33 medals including 12 gold) and Bahrain (25 medals including 12 gold). India has reached a record-breaking spot, after the sensational performance of its athletes. Shooting is the second most successful game after athletics in Asian Games 2018. India got 9 medals including two gold in it. India has won three gold medals including two gold in wrestling. Apart from this, one Gold in Tennis and Rowing.

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