Highlights Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018, India fail to qualify for final

Highlights Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018, India fail to qualify for final

In Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018, Ireland beat India by 3-2 and out them from this tournament. This was the poorest performance of Team India against Ireland. Get full highlights of India vs Ireland here. Losing against Ireland in this match, out Team India to this tournament. Only one team has been qualified for the final, and that is– World No.1 Australia. World Champions Australia beat Argentina 3-1 to top the pool standings on Today and seal his place for the finals. Only a big win against Ireland, could alive their sustainability in this tournament. Now they will play against Ireland for the 5-6th Place in this tournament. Last year Team India was in 3rd place and now they will play for 5-6th Place. poor performance out them from this tournament.

India vs Ireland, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018

Meanwhile, Australia has already qualified for the final. England and Malaysia play next and that match will decide whether England, Malaysia or Argentina play in the final. India finished the tournament with one win, one draw but three losses to finish fifth in the standings. They will again play Ireland in the 5-6 position playoff on Saturday. Good Bye!!!!

5:03 pm IST And that is it! Ireland has beaten India 3-2!

5:00 pm IST Five minutes are remaining in this game. Will India equalize the Score?

4:57 pm IST Penalty corner for Team India, Simranjeet is taking it, Ohh missed it.. It was a big chance for India!!!, they just missed it

4:56 pm IST India need to attack, Ireland are very cautious in their defence

4:55 pm IST If the game finishes in this fashion, India will end as the fifth-ranked team and will again play Ireland in the 5-6 position playoff tomorrow

4:48 pm IST Whistle!!! Third half has been completed, India is now lagging in the game. We will get back in 2 minutes.

4:43 pm IST Goal for Ireland!!! Now they have Taken the lead. First time in this match. Easy Deflection and Goal !!

4:40 pm IST India must win to have any hopes of qualifying for the final. If they draw, they will be playing classification playoffs.

4:38 pm IST One of the easiest Goal in this tournament. What are they doing?

4:35 pm IST Goal for Ireland team, and they back in the game once again. Poor Concentration by Team India.

4:34 pm IST Pressure for Ireland team form Sumit Kumar.

4:30 pm IST- Welcome back to the Third Quarter of this match.

4:20 pm IST- Take a short break. We will be back soon

4:13 pm- India has retained the lead, Now the score is 2-1.

4:12 pm IST:  India give it away! Ireland have scored! Scores 1-1

4:11 pm IST Good defensive work by Irish players, Indian players are looking calm.

4:10 pm IST Injury on the hand of Irish Player.

4:08 pm IST Now Ramandeep is back in the game, 2 Minutes has been completed.

4:05 pm IST Green Card for Ramandeep. Ireland missed the 2-minute opportunity

4:04 pm IST Ireland are taking chances, They don’t want to be in The last on the points table.

4:02 pm IST – Big Change for Ramandeep, Ohh!!! he missed it.

4:00 pm IST Free hit for defence India is still leading with 1-0.

3:59 pm IST India took a review, Penalty corner for Ireland or India? !!!! No Idea, Umpire is checking

3:54 pm IST End of the first quarter and India led Ireland by 1-0. Ramandeep Singh’s goal the difference between the two sides

3:51 pm IST Goal once Again, will they replicate the previous?? No!!!!

3:49 pm IST Penalty Corner for Team India,!!! varun Kumar is taking Goal!!!  Goal!!!, Fourth Goal for Ramandeep in this tournament.

3:49 pm IST India is not taking any changes, 7 minutes are remaining.

3:46 pm IST It has not been a long tournament, no easy game for any team. Simranjeet is playing on attack.

3:45 pm IST Sardar Singh is leading India with Suraj Karkera in the goal

3:40 pm IST Very Aggressively start by Indian Team, I think they are in hurry.

3:35 pm IST India is on Ranked 6 while Ireland is on Ranked 10

3:27 pm IST Both the teams are stepping out to pitch for the National Anthems

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