India vs England 1st T20 Cricket Score, Commentary and Updates, India beat England by 8 wickets

India vs England 1st T20 Cricket Score, Commentary and Updates, India beat England by 8 wickets
Written by Abhishek Lohia

India vs England 1st T20 cricket Score, commentary and Updates are here. At first Indian Skipper, Virat Kohli won the toss and elected to bowl first. The 1st T20 Between England and India is being played at Old Trafford, Manchester. Team India had Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal in bowling Line-up while they had options like Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Suresh Raina, Lokesh Rahul, MS Dhoni(w) in Batting. English batsman Jos Buttler has been a fantastic form since last 7 games. India beat England by 8 wickets and took an early lead over hosts. Indian batsman Lokesh Rahul scored the second century in T20 Cricket and levels the record of Rohit Sharma.  He became the second Indian batsman to achieve this feat.

INDIA vs ENGLAND 1ST T20 Commentary and Updates

1:45 PM IST- India took an early lead of 1-0 over Hosts. Now Goodbye for today, we will join you later. 

Partnership: 33(34)
Last Wkt: Rohit 32 (30)
Last 4 overs: 28 runs, 0 wkts
Toss: India (Fielding)

1:40 PM IST- Harsha Bhogle: As comprehensive a win as was possible against a good England team. Two young men were at the heart of the win which augurs well for Indian cricket

1:05 PM IST- Moeen Ali to Kohli, SIX, seals in style.

Hundred & five-fer in the same T20I for a side:
Morne van Vyk (114*) & David Wiese (5/23) v WI, Durban, 2015
KL Rahul (101*) & Kuldeep Yadav (5/24) v Eng, Manchester, 2018

1:00 PM IST- Plunkett to Kohli, no run, angry charge down. An angry slap too. And cover couldn’t be found better

Score after 12 overs
IND 128-1

12:51 PM IST- Jordan to Rohit, 1 run, another full toss

12:50 PM IST- Plunkett to Rahul, SIX

12:49 PM IST- Plunkett to Rahul, FOUR

12:48 PM IST- Plunkett to Rahul, SIX

12:47 PM IST- Plunkett to Rahul, SIX, to fine leg, the partnership between Rahul and Rohit is now

12:46 PM IST- Moeen Ali to Rahul, SIXtremendous hit! This is amazing hitting by Rahul.

12:45 PM IST- Moeen Ali to Rahul, FOURquite a risky shot!

12:44 PM IST- Moeen Ali to Rohit, 1 run

12:43 PM IST- Moeen Ali to Rahul, 1 run, to mid-wicket

12:41 PM IST- Adil Rashid to Rahul, FOUR, to third man

12:40 PM IST- Adil Rashid to Rohit, 1 run, to deep mid-wicket

12:36 PM IST- Adil Rashid to Rohit, SIX

Score after 7 overs
IND 60-1
Adil Rashid

12:36 PM IST- Adil Rashid to Rohit, FOUR

12:35 PM IST- Adil Rashid to Rohit, no run

12:33 PM IST- Adil Rashid to Rohit, 1 run

Score after 6 overs
IND 54-1

12:32 PM IST- Plunkett to Rohit, 1 run

12:32 PM IST- Plunkett to Rahul, FOUR, fifty up for India with a boundary. Short delivery aimed at the helmet

12:30 PM IST- Plunkett to Rahul, no run

12:20 PM IST- Jordan to Rohit, FOUR

12:15 PM IST- Plunkett to Rahul, FOURboundary to end the over!

12:10 PM IST- Plunkett to Rahul, FOURnicely done!

Score after 3 overs
IND 26-1

12:08 PM IST- Willey to Rahul, FOUR

12:05 PM IST- Jordan to Rahul, SIX, he’s in the form of his life.

12:00 PM IST- Willey to Dhawan, out Bowled!!

11:47 PM IST- Bhuvneshwar to Willey, 2 runs, full ball outside off, sliced away towards sweeper cover. They hustle back for two to complete the innings

11:46 PM IST- Bhuvneshwar to Willey, wide

11:45 PM IST- Bhuvneshwar to Willey, wide

11:43 PM IST- Bhuvneshwar to Plunkett, 1 run

11:40 PM IST- U Yadav to Jordan, out Caught&Bowled!!

11:35 PM IST-Five-fer by Indian bowlers in T20Is:
6/25 Y Chahal vs Eng, Bengaluru, 2017
5/17 KULDEEP **
5/24 B Kumar vs SA, Joburg, 2018

11:30 PM IST- Kuldeep Yadav to Buttler, out Caught by Kohli!! Another miscue, this time it’s Kohli under it who makes no mistake. The Indian captain is pumped. Kuldeep has a five-forButtler c Kohli b Kuldeep Yadav 69(46) [4s-8 6s-2]

11:17 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Moeen Ali, no run

11:15 PM IST- U Yadav to Moeen Ali, no run, full ball on off, hurriedly gets his bat down and bunts it to mid-off

11:10 PM IST- Kuldeep last three T20I outings:

11:08 PM IST- U Yadav to Moeen Ali, no run

11:06 PM IST- Kuldeep Yadav to Root, out Stumped!!

11:02 PM IST- Kuldeep Yadav to Bairstow, out Stumped!!

11:00 PM IST- Kuldeep Yadav to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Kohli!!

Score after 13 overs
ENG 106-2
Eoin Morgan
10:58 PM IST- Chahal to Eoin Morgan, 2 runs, to fine leg

10:55 PM IST- Chahal to Eoin Morgan, 1 run

10:54 PM IST- Kuldeep Yadav to Hales, out Bowled!!

10:47 PM IST- Buttler opening in T20 Internationals:
73(49)*vs SL, Rose Bowl, 2016
61(30) vs Aus, Edgbaston, 2018
57(31)*vs Ind, Manchester, 2018

10:45 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Buttler, FOUR

10:42 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Buttler, SIX, to deep square leg

10:40 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Buttler, FOUR

Score after 8 overs
ENG 66-1
Hardik Pandya

10:37 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Hales, 1 run

10:35 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Hales, no run

10:34 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Hales, no run

10:32 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Hales, 1 run

Score after 6 overs
ENG 53-1
Hardik Pandya

10:31 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Hales, no run

10:30 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Hales, no run

10:29 PM IST- Hardik Pandya to Hales, no run

10:25 PM IST- U Yadav to Roy, out Bowled!! Yadav draws the first breakthrough for India. 

10:22 PM IST- U Yadav to Buttler, no run

10:20 PM IST- U Yadav to Buttler, FOUR

10:17 PM IST- Chahal to Buttler, FOUR

10:15 PM IST- Chahal to Roy, FOUR

10:10 PM IST- Bhuvneshwar to Roy, FOUR

Score after 2 overs
ENG 20-0
U Yadav

10:06 PM IST- U Yadav to Roy, FOUR, forget the format

10:04 PM IST- Bhuvneshwar to Roy, FOUR

10:02 PM IST- Bhuvneshwar to Roy, FOUR, first boundary of the match.

10:00 PM IST- India’s last five T20Is in England:
Lost by 7 wkts vs WI, Lord’s, 2009
Lost by 3 runs vs Eng, Lord’s, 2009
Lost by 12 runs vs SA, Trent Bridge, 2009
Lost by 6 wkts vs Eng, Manchester, 2011
Lost by 3 runs vs Eng, Edgbaston, 2014

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