India vs Afghanistan DAY 1 Highlights: India completes 300+ as Vijay-Dhawan complets Ton

India vs Afghanistan DAY 1 Highlights: India completes 300+ as Vijay-Dhawan complets Ton

For India vs Afghanistan LIVE Cricket Score stay tuned with Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay gave a pretty start to team India. Wicket-Keeper Batsman Dinesh Karthik has been returned to the team after 8 years. This test is a great success for Afghanistan because previously the country was in the grip of terror, and despite its talented players, they have achieved Test status by performing well in T20 and ODIs. Afghanistan has selected Rashid Khan, Mujib ur Rahman, Zaheer Khan and Hamza Kotak’s spin quartet in the match. Apart from all four, Mohammad Nabi is the fifth spinner. India has great bowling unit like; Ashwin, Jadeja, Umesh Yadav. The Indian batsmen looked upset against Mujibur Rahman and Rashid Khan in the IPL. Now to see how they perform in the longest format of cricket.

At first Indian Skipper–Ajinkya Rahane won the toss and elected to bats first. The Playing XI of both the teams are; India (Playing XI): Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane(c), Lokesh Rahul, Dinesh Karthik(WK), Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav–Afghanistan (Playing XI): Mohammad Shahzad, Javed Ahmadi, Rahmat Shah, Asghar Stanikzai(c), Afsar Zazai(w), Mohammad Nabi, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Rashid Khan, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Yamin Ahmadzai, Wafadar

IND vs AFG Day 1 Commentary and Highlights

5:05 PM IST- Strike rates: Pujara 66.67, Rahane 16.67

5:00 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Pujara, 1 run

4:45 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Rahane, no run, leg break that draws Rahane in front. Good to see

Score after 62 overs
IND 304-3

4:40 PM IST- Stanikzai to Pujara, FOUR

4:30 PM IST- Ahmadzai to Rahane, no run, late outswinger, left off the front foot

4:00 PM IST- Ahmadzai to Rahul, out Bowled!!

Score after 52 overs
IND 284-2

3:45 PM IST- Most 1st innings 100s without one in the 2nd innings:
11 T Graveney/ A Prince
09 F Worrell/ Robin Smith
07 B Ponsford/ G Pollock/ P Parfitt

3:40 PM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, out Lbw

3:15 PM IST- Openers with 100s in most consecutive Tests in India:
4 V Sehwag (2009-10)
3 G Gambhir (2008-09)
3 A Cook (2012)
3 M VIJAY (2017-18) *

3:10 PM IST- Vijay’s last three Tests in India:
128 v SL, Nagpur
155 & 9 v SL, Delhi
103* v Afg, Bengaluru

3:00 PM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, no run, 133kph

2:50 PM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, FOUR

2:40 PM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, 1 run, nipping into the ribs, fended away carefully keeping it down to square leg. 98

2:30 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Rahul, FOUR

1:45 PM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, FOUR

1:40 PM IST- Score after 45 overs, IND 244-1, Vijay 90(127), Rahul 33(48), Rashid Khan, 14-0-89-0

1:30 PM IST- Nabi to Rahul, FOUR

1:20 PM IST- Nabi to Rahul, FOUR, fraction short and Rahul is quick to pounce on it, moved back and across in a flash and back cut it behind point. He had the width and Rahul made sure that it went to the fence

1:10 PM IST- Mujeeb to Rahul, FOUR

1:00 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Rahul, 1 run, very full and around off, Rahul plays the whippy bottom hand drive to a deepish mid-off

12:50 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Vijay, FOUR

12:40 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Rahul, no run

Score after 33 overs
IND 190-1

12:30 PM IST- Ahmadzai to Rahul, no run, fuller and around off

12:26 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Vijay, FOUR

12:25 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Vijay, FOUR

12:15 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Vijay, FOUR

12:05 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Vijay, 2 runs, fifty for Vijay

12:00 PM IST- Ahmadzai to Dhawan, out Caught by Nabi!! Ahmadzai has the first wicket for Afghanistan in Test cricket

Score after 23 overs
IND 125-0

11:15 AM IST- Mujeeb to Vijay, no run, very full and attacking the stumps, reaches out to nudge this towards the leg-side

11:11 AM IST- Mujeeb to Dhawan, SIXDhawan is on fire

11:10 AM IST- Mujeeb to Vijay, SIX

Score after 20 overs
IND 109-0
Rashid Khan

11:06 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, no run

11:05 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, FOUR, deft touch!

11:03 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, SIXthat’s into the crowd!

11:02 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, FOUR, blasted away

11:00 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan

10:55 AM IST- Mujeeb to Vijay, 1 run

10:52 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, no run

10:50 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, FOUR

Score after 15 overs
IND 79-0

10:45 AM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, FOURmajestic shot!

10:42 AM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, no run

10:40 AM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, no run

10:38 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, FOUR. Brings up his 6th Test fifty, he’s got there without really breaking a sweat

10:35 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, FOURcracking stroke

10:32 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Dhawan, FOUR

10:30 AM IST- Nabi to Dhawan, FOUR, flatter outside off but SD is nimble on his feet

10:28 AM IST- Nabi to Dhawan, FOUR, straighter, and drifting towards leg, and Dhawan pounces with a hard sweep to fine leg for four

Score after 12 overs
IND 54-0

10:25 AM IST- Nabi to Vijay, FOUR

10:20 AM IST- Nabi to Dhawan, SIX

10:17 AM IST- Ahmadzai to Dhawan, FOUR

10:15 AM IST- Wafadar to Vijay, leg byes, FOUR

10:10 AM IST- Ahmadzai to Vijay, leg byes, FOUR

Score after 3 overs
IND 14-0

10:00 AM IST- Wafadar to Dhawan, FOUR

9:55 AM IST- Wafadar to Dhawan, FOUR

9:50 AM IST- Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay out there. Who’s opening the bowling? It’ll be Yamin Ahmedzai to bowl Afghanistan’s first ball in Test cricket.

9:40 AM IST- Players making FC debut in a Test (since 1900):
G Vivian for NZ (1965)
U Ranchod for Zim (1993)
M Mortaza for Ban (2001)
Yasir Ali for Pak (2003)
Nazmul Hossain for Ban (2004)
Mujeeb-ur-Rahman for Afg (2018) *

9:30 AM IST- Most Tests missed between two appearances for India:
87 D KARTHIK (2010-18) *
83 P Patel (2008-16)
56 A Mukund (2011-17)
49 P Chawla (2008-12)
43 P Patel (2004-08)
40 Arun Lal (1983-87)

9:20 AM IST- Most Tests missed between two appearances:
142 G Batty (2005-16)
114 M Bicknell (1993-03)
109 F Reifer (1999-09)
104 Younis Ahmed (1969-87)
103 D Shackleton (1951-63)
96 H Jackson (1949-61)
87 D KARTHIK (2010-18) *

9:10 AM IST- Dinesh Karthik is now in Playing XI. Ashwin, Jadeja also have been called in.

9:00 AM IST- Ajinkya Rahane won the toss and elected to bat first

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