India vs Afghanistan LIVE Cricket Score, Full Commentary and Updates: Afghanistan lost early wickets

India vs Afghanistan LIVE Cricket Score, Full Commentary and Updates: Afghanistan lost early wickets
Written by Abhishek Lohia

For India vs Afghanistan LIVE Cricket Score, Full Commentary and updates get in touch with Wounded Afghanistan back in the game by taking five wickets in the final session of Day-1 to spoil India’s run feast. After a rollicking century from openers, Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay as the host’s Team India reached 347 for 6 at stumps. All-rounders Hardik Pandya and Spinner Ravichandran Ashwin survived a few scares before going back undivided when the umpires dislodged the bails for the day, affected by two rain interruptions at the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium. While India ruled in most parts of all three sessions, Afghanistan had got their moments in the second and final session with the wickets of Shikhar Dhawan (107), Murali Vijay (105) and Lokesh Rahul (54) off consecutive overs. However the game was troubled by two rain breaks during which Vijay found himself stuck in the 90s, the Indian opener kept his temperament to smash his 12th Test hundred in the final session of Day-1.

IND vs AFG Day 2 Live Commentary and Updates

2:05 PM IST- Ishant to Javed Ahmadi, out Bowled!! Javed Ahmadi b Ishant 1(8)

2:00 PM IST- Ishant to Mohammad Shahzad, out Mohammad Shahzad Run Out!

1:50 PM IST- Ishant to Mohammad Shahzad, FOUR

Rashid Khan to Ishant, out Lbw. Ishant lbw b Rashid Khan 8(13) [4s-1]

4.74 v Ban, Chittagong, 2010 (413/87)
4.61 v NZ, Auckland, 1990 (482/104.3)
4.58 v WI, Mumbai, 2013 (495/108)
4.52 v Afg, Bengaluru, 2018 (474/104.5)

1:40 PM IST- Wafadar to U Yadav, SIX

1:30 PM IST- Wafadar to U Yadav, SIX450 up

1:25 PM IST- Wafadar to U Yadav, FOUR

1:20 PM IST- Rashid Khan to Ishant, no run, full yorker on middle, flat as well, dug back out down the wicket

1:10 PM IST- Wafadar to U Yadav, no run

1:00 PM IST- Nabi to Jadeja, out Caught by Rahmat!

12:30 AM IST- Wafadar to Hardik Pandya, FOUR

12:00 AM IST-Wafadar to Hardik Pandya, FOUR

11:30 AM IST- Nabi to Hardik Pandya, FOURfifty for Pandya

11:00 AM IST- Nabi to Hardik Pandya, no run

10:45 AM IST- 429 by Ban vs Ind, Dhaka, 2000, 401 by WI vs Eng, Lord’s, 1928, 400 by Afg vs Ind, Bengaluru, 2018

 10:30 AM IST- Ahmadzai to Hardik Pandya, 1 run

10:10 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Hardik Pandya, FOURlovely shot

Score after 86 overs
IND 373-7
Hardik Pandya

10:05 AM IST- Ahmadzai to Ashwin, out Caught by Zazai

10:00 AM IST- Ahmadzai to Ashwin, no run, banged in short and climbing onto the right-hander, Ashwin stands tall, rided the bounce and keeps it down

9:50 AM IST- Ahmadzai to Ashwin, 1 run, to deep mid-wicket

 The last hour and a half have made this a genuinely engrossing first day’s play. Excellent hundreds from Dhawan and Vijay but enough indication that this will become a good Afghanistan bowling unit. Harsha Bhogle

9:40 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Ashwin, 1 run

9:30 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Ashwin, no run, tossed up just outside off, Ashwin drove crisply and straight to the fielder at cover

9:20 AM IST- Ahmadzai to Hardik Pandya, no run, back of a length and just outside off, Pandya stays back and finds cover with the back-foot punch

9:10 AM IST- Ahmadzai to Hardik Pandya, FOURlovely shot

9:00 AM IST- Rashid Khan to Hardik Pandya, 1 run



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