India triumphs at the Asia Cup, beats Malaysia in a breakneck match

India triumphs at the Asia Cup, beats Malaysia in a breakneck match

India finally triumphed at the Asia Cup yesterday, finally defeating Malaysia in a breakneck suspenseful match of 2-1, this is indeed the first win of India in 10 years, as the last time it won the cup was in 2007 against Chennai, and before that in 2003, when it played against Kaula Lumpur in 2003. Malaysia was very competitive in the game, and it wasn’t clear if the match won’t end up in tie and then the teams will have to resort to penalty goals to finish it, but then, at the 50 minute mark, Shahril Saabah scored a goal and helped the Malaysia somehwhat, but India still won the coveted tittle to the raucous cheers of the crowd, as the ten minutes left weren’t enough for Malaysia to hit back.

Even Pakistan wasn’t left empty handed as it won the bronze after defeating Korea 6-3. Another great news is that India remained undefeated this season, which is another triumph, barring the tie with Korea, and reached the number one spot in the world.

The first goal for India was scored by Ramandeep, who scored within the third minute, which gave additional confidence to the team to do well in the match.

The final results are as follows:

India-2(Ramandeep, 3 minutes, Lalit Upadhayay, 29 minutes).

Malaysia-1(Shahril Sabah, 50 minutes).

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