Gymnastics World Cup 2018, Aruna Budda Reddy Wins the Bronze medal

Gymnastics World Cup 2018, Aruna Budda Reddy Wins the Bronze medal
Written by Abhishek Lohia

India’s top gymnast Aruna Budda Reddy won a bronze medal in women’s vaults at the 2018 World Gymnastics in Melbourne on today 24th February 2018. Aruna ended third with an average score of 13.699 after her two attempts. Another Indian gymnast, Pranati Nayak survived a sixth-place finish with an average rating of 13.416 after two attempts. Slovenia’s Tjasa Kessler won the gold medal in Gymnastic World Cup 2018 with a score of 13.800, while Australia’s Emily Whitehead clinched the silver with a score 13.699 in the finals. In the qualification round, Aruna was second after registering a score of 13.566 to reach the finals while Pranati was fourth with an average score of 13.483 after her two attempts.

In the finals, Aruna started brilliant, choosing a difficulty level of 4.600 in which she scored 9.066 on execution– giving her a result of 13.666. In her second attempt, the Aruna Reddy picked a higher complexity (4.800) but could only succeed an execution score of 8.833, which gave her a total of 13.633. After the end of two efforts, the total of her two attempts was taken, giving her a final score of 13.649. And judges confirmed the Bronze medal for her.In 2010 Commonwealth games, Ashish Kumar won the first ever gymnastics medal for India, won Bronze in the finals of 2010 Commonwealth Games. After Ashish, it was Dipa who won a bronze medal in women’s vault at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Dipa Karmakar also represented India at Rio Olympics 2016 and became the first Indian gymnast to do great in 52 years. Unfortunately, she missed the possibility of winning Bronze in the last moment and finished as a fourth in the final.

Aruns shared the story of her journey with a channel during an interview, “training for gymnastics means everything for me, and my coach allowed me to eat chicken only in its most elegant form – now I have started believing at the elite level. Eating like a top athlete, training like one, and now winning as a top contender. Her sister Pavani says “She’s sensitive to what people say, and little words can affect her performance,”. On the evidence of Saturday, both her heart and her technique are getting stronger. There’s a bronze of her own, dangling from her neck.


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