FIFA World Cup 2018: Team Preview of Group A

FIFA World Cup 2018: Team Preview of Group A
Written by Abhishek Lohia

10 days have now remained on the 2018 FIFA World Cup. There will be a battle among the 32 teams of eight groups for a Golden Trophy. On June 14 in Moscow, the kick-off will be started from beginning the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Both of these teams are in Group A with Egypt and Uruguay. The real battle of this group will be started between Uruguay and Egypt. Uruguay has legendary footballers like Luis Suarez and Kawani, while Egypt has faith in its hero Mohammed Salah. There is no hope of reversal from Russia, Saudi Arabia. In Group A Teams can create a challenge for other top contenders.

Egypt Football team:

Qualifying for FIFA WC 2018, is a dream for Seven-time African champion Egypt. This team took part in the World Cup in 1990. Egypt will be seen again in the World Cup 28 years later. Egyptian coach Hector Cooper and Liverpool star player Mohammad Salah are credited for bringing the team to the final 32. His lapse session for Liverpool was pretty well and If his form remains intact, then the picture of Group ‘A’ can be stunned. At the age of 45, Esham al-Hedhi will set a record in goalkeeping.

Egypt football team: Key players: Mohammad Salah, Esham Al-Haider, Coach: Hector Cooper Style: 4-2-3-1, Played 2 times in the World Cup No titles won, FIFA Rankings: 46, Match in World Cup 2018 June 15: Egypt-Uruguay June 19: Russia-Egypt June 25: Saudi Arabia-Egypt

Uruguay Football team:

At the beginning of the qualification round, defeats rose some question to the strategy of coach Oscar Tabaraj. Then the experienced coach changed his strategy. In the qualifying zone, Uruguay has secured second place after Brazil. The team has an accurate synergy of young and experienced players. Luis Suarez, who smacked for Barcelona, is a well-known footballer. 31-year-old Edison Kawani is also in formidable form, has managed to score ten goals in the qualification round before the World Cup. Two-times World Cup and Copa America winner Uruguay how effectively will perform on Russian soil, time will tell.

About the Uruguayan football team; Key players: Edison Kawani, Luis Suarez, Federico Volvade, Coach: Oscar Terrez, Style: 4-4-2 Played 12 world cups Won the title 2 times, FIFA ranking: 17, Match in World Cup 2018 June 15: Egypt-Uruguay June 20: Uruguay-Saudi Arabia June 25: Uruguay -Russia

Saudi Football team:

Saudi Arabia has made its place in 32 teams for the first time since 2006. In the qualifying round, fans have seen a lot of ups and downs. In the Asian qualifying group ‘B’, the Saudi team secured second place after Japan. This team has failed to make a mark on the international level. In the qualification round the team was in the field with the style of 4-3-3. The performance of the Saudi team is currently mixed up with good and bad. The defeat against Belgium on March 27 has put the team in trouble. Earlier, the team had to face defeat from Iraq.

About the Saudi Arab Football Team; Key players: Nawaf al-Abhed Fahad al-Muwlad, Osama Havasavi Coach: Juan Antonio Pizzi Style: 4-3-3, Played 4 times in the World Cup Won 0 title, FIFA ranking: 67, Match in World Cup 2018 June 14: Russia-Saudi Arabia June 20: Uruguay-Saudi Arabia June 25: Egypt Saudi Arabia

Russia Football Team:

Russia is the host, and because of this, the team got the chance to play in the World Cup. There has been a lot of change in the Russia team after the poor performance in Euro 2016. Young faces have been given the chance after coach Stanislav Chercheosov take the responsibility. In the team’s attack line-up, Fyodor Smolov and Alexander Cochrane had the potential to score a lot of goals for the team last year. After taking the responsibility of the chief coach, Cherchosov gave a new edge to the team’s defense. However, questions are being raised on excluding some senior players. Russia never emerged as a superpower in world football. If Russia’s team succeeds in leaving the impression of a host and domestic audience, it will be like the communication of new hope for Russia’s football. However, this truth can not be denied that after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian team has always looked weak and scattered in the World Cup.

About the Russian football team; Key Players: Igor Ekinfiev, Alexander Golovin, Fader Smolov Style: 3-5-2, Played 10 times in the World Cup (first mixed with the Soviet Union) 00 no titles won, FIFA Rankings: 65, Match in World Cup 2018 First match: Russia vs. Saudi Arabia on the opening day of June 14 Second match: Russia-Egypt-19 June, Third match: Uruguay-Russia 25 June

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