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FIFA World Cup 2018: Team Preview of Group D

FIFA World Cup 2018: Team Preview of Group D
Written by Abhishek Lohia

In Group D, all eyes will be set on Brazil, who had been lost in the finals of 2014 FIFA World Cup. Forgetting the bitter memories, the five-time champion Brazilian would like to end their 16-year-old title excitement. Decorated with stars, Team Brazil has so many legends besides Neymar. If there is no refusal, the way to Brazil’s final -16 will become so easy. However, other teams of this group, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia are also ready to showcase their game. In Group D, Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia have been formed. Likewise Group A, and Group B, Group D could also present a tough challenge ahead of other teams. 

Costa Rica Team Preview and Previous History 

Four years ago, Costa Rica had proclaimed sensation in the World Cup 2014. They had defeated some big dogs like Uruguay and Italy in their league round and entered the quarter-finals, where they got defeat against Holland in the penalty shootout. After the game, coach George Lewis Pinto decided to leave the team and Oscar Remire has been appointed as new coach. Costa Rica has succeeded in qualifying in a grand fashion. They have great young talent and good passing combination along with best-attacking players–Joel Campbell, Brian Ruiz, and Brian Oviedo can be might be too dangerous for others.

Special players: Keller Navas, Brian Ruiz Coach: Oscar Ramirez, Style: 5-4-1, 04 played the World Cup 00 Never won a title FIFA ranking: 25, Match in world cup First match: 17 June Costa Rica vs Serbia, Second Match: June 22 Brazil vs Costa Rica, Third Match: June 27 Switzerland vs Costa Rica

Switzerland Team Preview and Previous History 

Switzerland’s World Cup history has not been as special as compared to other group teams. After defeating Northern Ireland in the playoff, the Swiss team has qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. For Switzerland, Sefarovich has scored the most goals. History is the witness, after the 1954 World Cup, the Swiss team has been unsuccessful at EVERY big stage. Although the team’s defense is not weak, there are some flaws in the attack.

Special players: Harris Cepharovich, Sherdan Shakiri, Grenit Jacca, Coach: Vladimir Petokovic, Favorite Style: 4-5-1, Played 10 world cups 00 Never won a title FIFA Rankings: 06 Match in world cup, First match: June 17 – Brazil vs Switzerland Second Match: 22nd June – Switzerland vs Serbia Third Match: June 27 – Switzerland vs Costa Rica

Serbia Team Preview and Previous History 

After an eight-years of break, Serbia has gained the right to play again in the FIFA World Cup. In the qualifying round, the team has scored 20 goals, in which Alexander Mitrovich scored six goals. The team is confident over Chelsea’s former star Branislav Ivanovic. Team Serbia will start their campaign with their temporary coach Malthan Cristasyq on June 17 against Costa Rica.

Special players: Branislav Ivanovich, Alexander Mitrovich, Nemanja Matich, Favorite Style: 3-4-3 Coach: Mladan Kristachik Played 11 World Cup (Including Yugoslavia and Montenegro) 00 Never won a title, FIFA ranking: 35, First Match: June 17 – Serbia vs Costa Rica Second Match: June 22 – Serbia vs Switzerland Third Match: June 27 – Serbia vs Brazil

Brazil Team Preview and Previous History

Brazil is the star of this group. Five-time champion Brazil is a strong contender for the title in Russia. They had won their last title in 2002. Four years ago, this team has been recovered from the defeat, which they got against Germany in the World Cup semi-final on its home ground. In September 2016, the responsibility of coach was entrusted to Tite. He has strengthened the team once again. In any FIFA Tournament, Brazil has never looked like a weak contender. Tite has created a team that is not centered around St. Germain’s Neymar Jr. Apart from Neymar, there are many star players like Marcelo, Danny Alves and Thiago Silva in the team.



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