Delhi Smog: Sri Lankan Team players put on breathing masks, match halted

Delhi Smog: Sri Lankan Team players put on breathing masks, match halted
Written by Abhishek Rana

Delhi Smog made the Sri Lankan Cricket team to wear masks on the pitch today, as the match was delayed because of the circumstances. But even though no spectators and and any member of the Indian Team had any problems with the weather, the actions taken by the Sri Lankan team were seen as strange, and unnecessary by some people. The weather conditions in Delhi have improved from the previous month, even though the pollution level is still Unhealthy. But people have now come in support of the Indian team, saying that as seen on the pitch, no one was too uncomfortable with the smog, and the mask wearing step by the Sri Lankan’s is wholly unnecessary.

People have also criticized the pollution in Delhi, which seems to have become less hazardous but hasn’t come into the normal levels yet. The Delhi government did apply the ODD-EVEN approach in the capital, and the smog did dissipate for some days, although the after effects and the pollution hasn’t subsided at all.

The match was halted for sometime because of the players’ complain about Smog, but interestingly, they didn’t apply them during their own batting time and otherwise. So, their actions are now being frowned about by people.



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