CWG 2018: Syringe found near Indian camp, doping doubt occurs

CWG 2018: Syringe found near Indian camp, doping doubt occurs
Written by Abhishek Lohia

After getting the syringes near the Indian camp’s residential premises in the Commonwealth Games Village, an investigation into the matter has begun, whereas an Indian official denied any unwanted work. According to the report, these syringes have been recovered from the Indian campus resident campus at some distance. It is not yet known where Syringe came from. Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive David Gravenberg said that staff at Sportsgaon told him about syringe and the matter would now be investigated. An Indian official said that he had given needles to the CGF Medical Commission. An Indian official who came here with the Indian team said, “Syringes have not been found in the Indian players’ room. There are players from many countries living in this complex. This is not our residential complex.”

He said, ‘The doctors of the Indian team had given syringe to the Medical Commission, who destroyed them. They did not ask anything else and did not talk further. It is wrong that we are being questioned. We had worked with goodwill. ‘ Some Indian players were also given dope tests, but the official said that it is not uncommon and there is no problem with the syringe.

He said, “We have made sure that no accused of doping is on the team. Before the start of the game, many players have a dope test. It has nothing to do with this issue. ‘ Crewmember said, “If the follow-up is required to look at the evidence, then the CGF Medical Commission will follow the procedure.” An official presenter with the team in the Gold Coast claimed that the syringe is not of Indian players. In the compound, the players of many countries also stayed. Neither the syringe is found in the Indian player’s room. Instead, the Indian doctor handed over the needles to the officers. It is wrong that we are being questioned. ‘

Organizing Committee has now given an inquiry. After this, all 12 boxers, including eight men and four women, have been tested for the dope. The syringe is also being investigated. If Boxer is found guilty, then he will have to face severe punishment. Result Opening Ceremonial meaning of test will come before April 4th. After the incident, some restrictions have also been imposed on the players. Now after 10 o’clock, no player will be able to play outside the village.


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