CWG 2018: Meet Manu Bhakar and Srihari Nataraj, ready for big event

CWG 2018: Meet Manu Bhakar and Srihari Nataraj, ready for big event
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Manu Bhakar and Srihari Nataraj are two such talents who have come out of the India Games organised by the Indian government. Both the players are ready to make their debut in the Commonwealth Games. While Manu won the gold medal by breaking the record of 240.5 in the national shooting championship in December last year by scoring 241.1 in women’s 10m air pistol event, Srihari won gold medal and silver medal in the 100m backstroke in swimming. Shri Hari said participating in the Games India was part of the preparations for his Commonwealth Games. Shihari said that I wanted to finish the race on the target of 56.50 because I had to prepare for Youth Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. Srihari started swimmy from the age of two. With his mother’s support, he used to learn swimming with his older brother. After this, ShriHari did not take much time to learn swimming and then take it as a passion.

On the other hand, the 16-year-old man living in Jhajjar, Haryana, has made his identity both nationally and internationally in the small career of two years. Manu surprised everyone by winning two gold medals in his first senior shootout World Cup. After this, Manu also made the preparations for his Commonwealth Games by winning three gold medals in the Junior World Cup. Manu started shooting two years ago, and he is doing well in domestic and world-class tournaments. He put three gold medals in two gold and ISSF World Cups in his first senior World Cup in Mexico. And he will be a strong contender for the Commonwealth Games medal.

Manu’s father, Ramkishan Bhakar, told that he learns any game very quickly, but Manu’s problem is that he gets distraught with any sport very soon. Many times he was frustrated even because of unfair treatment in sports, and after that, he stopped playing that game. Mr.Hari will participate in the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke events in the Commonwealth Games. He would like to recreate India’s Pacific Karmakar’s 50m Freestyle (Par Par Sports) bronze medal in swimming and create history by adding a medal.

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