Chelsea will play with their new manager on this summer, Says Ian Wright

Chelsea will play with their new manager on this summer, Says Ian Wright

Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte, who was in big trouble, will leave the team in this summer.  English former professional footballer Ian Wright said during a debate “I do not think he will still be there next season as the people upstairs have now had enough.” Now the other leading contender who could replace Antonio Conte as Chelsea Manager is Massimiliano Allegri, Luis Enrique, Marco Silva, Frank Lampard, and Zinedine Zidane. Among these players, Anyone from them will lead Chelsea in this summer. In this season 2018, Chelsea played ten matches, out of which five were drawn. The team only become successful to register their win against Brighton and Newcastle, while they lost their previous two games against Bournemouth on 31st January and against Watford in the last night.

Despite winning the PL(Premier League) title last year, Conte is under the significant pressure due to the poor performance of his team, most recent their defeat came against Watford has left Conte on the verge. This failure is also not acceptable because it comes just a week after they got beaten by Bournemouth. Chelsea got seven goals in only two matches and registered their lousy record in Premier League 2018. In the Last Match against Watford, they got three goals in the second half, and at the end of the match, the score was 4-1 at full time.

Now they have to play their next match against West Brom on 12 February at Stam Ford Bridge, where they will try to retain his consistent performance and will try to forget about their past defeats. Now we are talking about the three important mistakes that could cost Antonio Conte his job at Chelsea–1) team lack attachment, their attacking venom has been weakened in all season 2) Transfer Stand-Off and Tactical Stubbornness 3)Squad Management. These are the few reasons which will be going to become costlier for Antonio Conte













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